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Marriage for a foreigner made a cumbersome in UK

[b]Marriage for a foreigner made a cumbersome in UK[/b]

Marriages are made in heaven, but in the United Kingdom marriages hereafter has to be solemnized by the Secretary of State. A holy matrimonial, wedlock in the future in UK by a foreigner would remain null and void if it’s not blessed by the political officeholder – almighty Secretary of State.

Any foreign nationals who are subject to immigration control and who wishes to marry or register a civil partnership in the United Kingdom hereafter must need British Home Office certificate of approval represents the written permission from the Secretary of State to marry in the United Kingdom. The need for this written permission according to British Foreign and Commonwealth Office was introduced in the ‘Asylum and Immigration’ (Treatment of Claimants) Act 2004.

The new regulations regarding the marriage by a foreigner in the United Kingdom came into force since 05 December 2005 according to the UK Visa stipulations put forward yesterday by the British Foreign and Commonwealth office.

On 06 January, the UK Visa website of the British Foreign and Commonwealth office has released information connected with "Marrying in UK."

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