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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

Muslims Reject Rebels’s Call to Join the Rebel Outfit.

Oshama & Soor(N)iyathevan

1970-1980 Internal matter
Leader ship (pandi bazaar)
1980-1990 India
1990-2000 EU countries, Western countries, Australia, China, -------------etc. (international community)
1990-Muslims hiked out from north
1991-After that Israel training
2000-Now Oshama - worldwide
Oshama will understand soon.
It is not going to take 10 Yrs.
Selling few techniques to oshama; and turning the Arab Muslims against international community.
It is not going to work, they will understand soon.
Sudan _ African peace keeping forces.
TearDropIsland_ Asian (Indian) peace keeping forces.
Or Oshama's Forces
Thank you!!!!
[size=134][color=red]Now east is going to wiped out the muslims[/color].[/size]

it would be very difficult for the rebel to win over the Muslims given its past record of massacring hundreds of Muslims and driving out over 100,000 Muslims from north in an effort to create a mono-ethnic region for Tamils in Northern TearDropIsland.

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