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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 108

My Testimony - Our Madam Rajini

[b]My Testimony - Our Madam Rajini [/b]

By- A 1989 Medical Student of the University of Jaffna

On 21 September 1989, our beloved Madam was shot to death in a cowardly manner in the open street, while she was returning home after finishing her duties at the Medical Faculty of the University of Jaffna. The so called “Tamil Eelam Liberation Cowards” who could not challenge her honesty or meet her face to face came gutless behind her back and killed her. Many of our medical and other students condemned this ruthless murder and wrote posters by hand and pasted them everywhere in Jaffna. I wrote my expression in English as follows at that time in the form of a poster.

Free Doom
& Free Dump
Is Our Freedom...?

It’s 16 years to this date that our Madam had been killed. It should be appreciated that at least after 15 years a film about her had been done. But it’s sad to note that many facts about her murder are not spoken of still. The main reason for this is the fear for our lives. I also have my doubts whether our community has the frame of mind to accept the truth, even if we reveal them. Not now, but way back, in 1989 even, I saw that our society was not willing to accept the truth about who killed her. Many of those who knew the truth did not have the courage to accept it candidly. Some, who did know, kept it close to their heart. And I was one of them. Like many, I suppressed it fearing for my life and my future. Now I’ve left my country and I’m a physician practicing in another country. Compared to many hundred thousand people who live amongst countless atrocities in our country, my life and future are guaranteed in this foreign land. I feel that it is my obligation to reveal some facts about Madam’s murder.

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