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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

Natwar Singh gets 'Left parties bail' in the Volcker report

[b]Natwar Singh gets 'Left parties bail' in the Volcker report controversy[/b]

By M. Rama Rao - Reporting from New Delhi

[b]New Delhi, 05 November([/b] India's External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh appears to have survived the Volcker report controversy with the Left parties coming out only in his support. The opposition BJP has decided by Sunday evening to go into overdrive demanding the minister's resignation but the 'Left parties bail' has checkmated the campaign.

During the day on Fri day, it appeared at one stage that Natwar may have to put in his papers to save embarrassment to the government particularly after the presser of Paul Volcker in New York.

The Left parties’ decision to rally in support of Natwar Singh is both on ideological considerations and on facts of the controversy as available at present.

CPI and CPI(M) see the report on alleged exploitation by Saddam Hussein of the 'humanitarian' oil for food programme during the sanctions regime as yet another manifestation of America's neo-colonialism.

"There is no reason to disbelieve Natwar Singh. We found that he has nothing to hide.... This is why he has welcomed any probe into the matter. The Government can probe the matter so that people come to know the whole truth," AB Bardhan CPI general secretary told reporters after meeting the minister along with his colleague D.Raja.

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