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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 81

New South Wales gearing to be tough with Sri Lanka’s Tamil s

[b]New South Wales gearing to be tough with Sri Lanka’s Tamil separatist group[/b]

[b]Sydney, 10 October, ([/b]Pressure is applied on the New South Wales state government led by Labor party Prime Minister Morris Iamma to reinforce strict measures against Sri Lanka’s Tamil rebel outfit - Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, as the supporters and members of the outfit continues to take undue advantages of the Labor Party’s opposition to the Federal Government lead by Prime Minister John Howard to clandestinely involve in the promotion of terrorism related activities in the Australian state.

After the July 07 incident in London, Australia has undertaken serious measures against the terrorist activities in Australia, however state governments under the Labor party administration, earlier failed to be severe and serious with some of those proclaimed terrorist organizations.

It was observed that after the alleged misleading speech at the NSW Parliament made by Ms Virginia judge, a state member of Strathfield, about “Asian Tribune” and of her visit to the so called Tamil Eelam, Sri Lanka’s Tamil separatist organization members and supporters in New South Wales and in other parts of Australia were embolden to hold a [url]Self-rule meeting “to demand occupying Sinhala forces to vacate land and seas of Northeast with immediate effect”[/url] in Sydney, Australia at the Ryde Civic Centre, on 02 October, 2005.

The event was organized by the Australasian Federation of Tamil Associations (AFTA), an umbrella organization of Tamil groups in the region which gave an impression that New South Wales state government of siding with the Sri Lankan separatist organization to wage a war against the a sovereign government of Sri Lanka.

However, earlier in an extraordinary display of bipartisan unity, the premiers and chief ministers of the eight Australian states and territories—all Labor Party representatives, joined Prime Minister John Howard in adopting measures to prevent the spread of terrorist activities at a Council of Australian Governments (COAG) “counter-terrorism” summit held on September 27.

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