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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

New Tiger fronts opened in Australia to raise funds

[b]New Tiger fronts opened in Australia to raise funds[/b]

[b]Sydney, 07 May, ( [/b]Despite the initial raids on TRO fund-raising centres in Sydney and Melbourne last year new Tamil fronts have come up in Australia to collect funds for the LTTE.

Tamil Medical Aid, is now functioning under the new name of Australian Medical Aid Foundation, P.O.Box 226, Glen Iris, Victoria, 3146. One of the front agents is Dr. Mano Mohan of Sydney, who has a good rapport with the community. He has been actively pushing the pro-LTTE line. It is reported that he has written a cheque for $100,000 dollars to the TRO. He is regarded as one of the rich Tamils operating in Sydney. These professional are put forward as the humane face of the LTTE.

Eelam Murasu a pro-LTTE community newspaper, too continues to run advertisements for fund-raising events of the LTTE agents. One of the common tactics is to organize dance and musical functions which attract the local Tamil community. These functions are also patronized by mainly Labour Party politicians who woo the Tamils for their votes. Ms. Virginia Judge and John Murphy of the New South Wales are two leading Labour Party politicians who are dependent on the Tamil votes in their electorate.

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