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If Tsunami was sent by God, then we are oblivious to His message !

By Mahinda Weerasinghe

Time: December 26, 2004

Scene: Post-tsunami Asia.

Event: Another tidal wave is inundating the Island of Sri Lanka. The Christian fundamentalist are notifying the natives that the destructive tsunami was the handiwork of God.

Indeed, the Sri Lankan English dailies, infiltrated by the agents of the Catholic Church, flout dubious theories as to who was the architect of tsunami and what’s in store for them if they reject Jesus. One daily headlines: “Tsunami was an Act of God”. Another screams: “God signed His name in the tsunami that battered Sri Lanka and other countries on December 26, and sent it as punishment because humans have been ignoring His laws.”

So tsunami was the “wrath of God, a harbinger of things to come; a judgement from God for sins committed by human beings”. Going by their opinions, there's a vindictive God pulling the levers of nature to punish the sexually wicked.

Indeed, one writer quotes the Bible as proof: “For I am the LORD your God, who churns up the sea so that its waves roar — the LORD Almighty is his name”

Most of these fundamentalists are certain that is a sign that the “End of the World is Near”. “You must prepare yourself to meet Jesus Christ. Repent for your sins. These are the last days."

Personally I am confused. In fact, any rational logical intelligent person is bound to be bewildered. For we are at the same time informed by the same lot that, “God is the embodiment of love and righteousness”, and that he is “compassionate, merciful, forgiving of sinners and having largesse of heart”.

The Christians are oblivious to the basic contradiction that undermines their concept of God. How can they reconcile their loving, merciful God with the destructive blind force of the tsunami?

In fact, since the tsunami struck, all shades of Judo-Christian sects are creeping out of the Sri Lankan wood work and fishing in troubled waters. Unable to explain the evils of tsunamis erupting out of God’s mercies the Christians are blaming man for his sins – another creation that could have been avoided by the loving God. In how many more ways is God going to punish the helpless man? Isn’t poverty, wars, misery, diseases, terrorists, torture, inequalities, oppressions etc enough? Must he load the poor man with a tsunami also?

But for the sake of argument let us assume that it was this Biblical God who sent the tsunami to massacre a whole bunch of defenceless people on the December 26th 2004. Then it’s reasonable to ask the next pertinent question: did those sinners who were left behind, identified the message and reacted to it in the appropriate manner, i.e., by going down on their knees and begging forgiveness for their sins from the Lord? On the contrary, my observations are that human beings come and go, doing their own thing, like the tsunamis that come and go. Nothing has changed. As far as it known the tsunami has provided another opportunity for the fear-mongers to fish in troubled waters.

Putting the fear of Moses into human beings is the Christian way of forcing them to accept their God. But as it stands, most of these mortals are with amnesia, having expunged that atrocious incident from their memory; they are straying back to their old sinful ways and rather swiftly.

But then I understand that “this creator” is promising repenters, everlasting life, in some uncharted territory called heaven. Personally I did not meet anyone who has visited this dreamland, or met anyone who in turn has met anyone, who had dropped in on this joint and reported it back. So I am unaware as to the coordinates of this heavenly abode! I know lots of folk who will be grateful for this sort of first hand information.

As a sceptic I have some palpable questions for this “creationist” theory before I am able to get down on my knees. It seems Adam and Eve were the first characters created by this Judeo-Christian God. Then those two sinned and the whole humanity was put under interdict by the almighty. In which case this Creator is guilty of a major blunder!

Didn't he have sufficient imagination to know that, Adam and Eve will eventually sin, as they were bored just hanging around in paradise aimlessly? Any Tom, Dick or Harry would have guessed that! On the other hand, we note that the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve together with their parents had practised incest in order to initiate the human race. Christians take pains to caution that such deadly sins are repulsive to their God. In which case he should have wiped this incestuous Adam and Eve clan and terminated their progeny before it ever got off the ground and reached the period of Sodom & Gomorrah.

Strangely after God punished and massacred the human race by unlashing a global flood on them, he started recreating the human stock again using the family of Noah. We are stunned again by Gods slip shod work, for he let Noah and his family practice incest to start the ball rolling in order to regenerate the human species. So we are compelled to query, does Judeo Christian God condone incest and, does he not consider this practice a deadly sin?

At this stage we are obliged to post the vital question; what happened to all those characters that existed before the appearance of “Jesus the Saviour”? Those poor souls simply did not get a chance to hear the message of salvation and missed the opportunity of getting redeemed. Did all of these souls land in hell as a result? My heart bleeds for these innocent lost souls!

At least some of these authors have got one point right in their essays, Buddhist are atheists. But according to these Bible-thumpers, being an atheist is a despicable qualification. Perhaps, but these Buddhists have to stand on their own two feet and face tsunamis and other calamities sent by the Judeo-Christian God. So these Buddhist must be a courageous lot.

Naturally! They do not exist to satisfy some unknown creator somewhere, but exist because they possess greed, cravings, desires, lust etc., and they actively pursue pleasures. In order to cater to those needs they act (a sin to the true believers), and naturally so. Actions you notice have their repercussions. Take away such creature qualities and existence becomes meaningless. Indeed, if this was not so, any red blooded human being will find life dull and miserable and not worth living.

Death is a reality to any Buddhist, and they are taught that all compounds are impermanent and fleeting. They, as far as I know, aren’t aiming to live like vegetables for eternity, hanging around aimlessly in the company of some God.

One of God’s mouth-pieces informs “What if God is the Creator of “nature” then he is able to interfere in his creation from time to time if he chooses to do so”.

From what has been pointed out above, forget about his creating “nature” he can’t even create Adam and Eve flawlessly. On the other hand, Christian fundamentalist certainly have fashioned a revengeful God, who need a lot of ego boosting, if they are to avoid being stuck by calamities.

Indeed, these fundamentalist speak of Buddhist not allowing them to spread their “holy truths”! Just browse through Judeo-Christians history for the documented intolerance meted to non-believers; Holy wars, witch burning, inquisition, stoning of adulterers and presently holy terror. Any knowledgeable person will avoid their club like the plague.

Currently there is a growing confrontation among the Judeo-Christian sects. The “club mentality” of these sects and their “holier than thou” attitudes is the fuel for such conflicts. Christian fundamentalist should take a break from sending “hell and brine stones”, to heathen, and concentrate instead on investigating Buddha’s rational doctrine diligently. It may assist them to face up to reality and help them live peacefully “here and now”. That would be profitable to all concerned.

- Asian Tribune -

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