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Tamil Democratic Forum launched in Denmark to combat LTTE terror

Viborg, Denmark, 18 April, ( Faced with serious threats to their lives, a Tamil group domiciled in Denmark recently launched the Tamil Democratic Forum (TDF) -- an organization to ensure the security of Tamils confronted by aggressive and violent Tamil political outfits backed by the LTTE. The Tamils in Denmark decided to launch TDF as a safe mechanism of their own to protect their lives, human rights and democratic freedom to express their opinions with fear of being threatened by the agents of the LTTE.

It is well known to European governments that Tamils who do not toe the political line peddled by the LTTE are threatened regularly by LTTE agents who roam freely in Europe. They are able to move around easily through the porous European borders. Representations have been made as far high as Erik Solheim in Norway by Tamils living in Europe but neither the Norwegian government nor the other European governments have taken any action to protect the lives of these Tamil citizens.

In Norway, for instance, the (Kjell Magne) Bondevik government openly gives financial assistance to the LTTE agents. According to Norwegian sources, the Police have not taken an active role to curb these activities of the LTTE as the higher authorities do not want to upset their relations with the LTTE.

Erik Solheim and the government of Bondevik have been pursuing a policy of turning a blind eye to the LTTE tactics strong-arm tactics against Tamils in Norway despite representations made to them. These Tamils have pointed out that even their families back home in Sri Lanka are threatened by the LTTE. But the Bondevik government has turned a deaf ear. According to analysts, the Bondevik government is keener on protecting its lovey-dovey relations with the LTTE in Sri Lanka than in protecting Tamils threatened in Norway and the rest of Europe

With no pro-active role from European governments to protect Tamil dissidents the Tamils have begun to form fronts of their own. The spokesman for the Denmark Democratic Forum told the Asian Tribune that there are more than 10, 000 Sri Lankan Tamils at present living in the country and all most all of them are citizens of Denmark, but they live in constant fear of the LTTE a sword of Damocles hanging over their heads.

These threats have stifled democratic opposition even in European countries which are supposed to be the bastions of freedom. “For all intents and purposes the Tamils are not living Europe but in LTTE enclaves of the Vanni where all dissent is suppressed,” said one Tamil residing in Denmark. He added: “The authorities in Denmark and other European countries have failed to monitor and counter the remote control of the extra-legal activities of the Vanni mafia.”

The spokesman for the Forum K.Vathanan, told the Asian Tribune that “the second generation Tamils -- majority of them were born in Europe – find it very difficult to give in to the gun pointed at us from the Vanni. It was possible with our fathers who came from Sri Lanka. But the new educated generation, coming up from a democratic environment, refuse to surrender their freedom to the LTTE terror.”

He added: “We want to break down this trend and promote democratic values amongst Tamils, starting from Denmark. The Tamils living in Denmark refuse to be ruled from Vanni.”

Thavarajah Sabanathan is the Project Coordinator Tamil Democratic Forum, Denmark and Spokesman is Vathanan Kumarathurai.

- Asian Tribune -

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