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Letter from America: 9/11 and Obama

By Habib Siddiqui

Habib Siddiqui_2.jpgThis past week Americans observed the 8th anniversary of 9/11, the deadliest terrorist attack on US soil. Nearly 3000 people died when the four planes crashed in New York, at the Pentagon and in a Pennsylvania field. At a ceremony, held in the Pentagon, President Obama paid tribute to the victims and vowed to "never falter" in defending the US. In New York, thousands gathered for ceremonies in a square near Ground Zero.

Vice-President Joe Biden attended the New York ceremony, where planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers, causing them to collapse. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell attended the ceremony at the site of the crash of United Airlines Flight 93 near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
Subsequent to 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq were attacked by the USA, its European allies and Australia, which saw the overthrow of the Taliban and the Baathist regimes, and wanton killings of nearly a million people, mostly unarmed civilians. Obviously, no ceremonies were held for those victims of western barbarism and brutality. American and foreign troops are still in those two invaded countries. There is no sign of normalcy in either of those two countries.
Troop deaths have mounted in Afghanistan this year as American and other international forces have stepped up their fight against the Taliban. August was the deadliest month for the U.S. military in the nearly eight-year-old war, with 52 fatalities. So far this month, 25 coalition troops have been killed, including 14 U.S. troops, according to CNN figures compiled from coalition reports.
Western experts fear that if the NATO forces were to abandon Afghanistan today, the country may again fall into the hands of the Taliban. The Defense Secretary Robert Gates is expected to approve sending thousands of additional forces to Afghanistan to deal with the growing threat from roadside bombs.
According to Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski the U.S. military engagement in Afghanistan was reaching levels similar to the Soviet invasion. "Eight years later, we are beginning to move to a level of military force which is beginning to approximate the Soviet engagement and already our top generals are saying we are not winning militarily," he recently said at a global strategy conference in Geneva.
Hate crimes against Muslims are not seeing much improvement. Just the last week, nearly a thousand anti-Muslim bigots gathered outside Harrow Central Mosque in the UK as activists from Stop Islamification of Europe planned to demonstrate outside the mosque.
Last Wednesday night, President Obama appeared in a joint session in the Capitol Hill pleading his case for humanitarian purposes to cover the uninsured and underinsured with adequate health insurance coverage. He was also very pragmatic in outlining a legislative proposal which will restrain costs so that those who are now insured can continue to afford insurance. He insisted that there won’t be any addition to the deficit or to the national debt, and he also outlined a number of ideas where savings can be obtained.

However, something totally unexpected happen during Obama’s speech; Joe Wilson, a Republican congressman from South Carolina, protested within an outburst “you lie”. Such an outburst against President is an inappropriate conduct violating the rules of the House and is subject to reprimand. In the USA the president is the commander in chief, the leader of the country, and is treated more like a king. Wilson later apologized to the President for his lack of civility, and the President accepted his apology.

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