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Israel: The Nation that has violated more UN resolutions than all other countries in the Mid East put together

By Raj Gonsalkorale

Some members of the West have taken a firm stand against Iran for a possible violation of agreed IAEA conditions about development of nuclear enrichment. Notably, Germany, Russia and China were not part of the alliance comprising the USA, UK and France that threatened Iran with harsher sanctions unless they responded positively to IAEA inspections of this new facility.

If Iran has not complied with agreed international regulations, the process mentioned is good, and Iran should comply.

It is reported however, and confirmed by Iran, that the construction of this new facility is not yet complete and that it is at least another 18 months away before that happens. Iran should have informed the IAEA about this facility, and their intention to construct one.

However, two questions arise in relation to the latest attack on Iran. Should this have been made so publicly, pushing Iran into a corner and leaving them no other choice but to defend itself even with what might be indefensible, and secondly why they are singled out when Israel has never complied with IAEA regulations, never allowed any inspections and never told anyone what their nuclear program is. While it is well known that they have developed the dreaded bomb, nothing is officially known about how many bombs they have and the destructive capacity of their program.

As noted by Colonel Gaddafi in a BBC program today, either the Middle East should be totally free of nuclear bombs or if one Nation is allowed to have them, that possession should be balanced by allowing another Nation, especially an adversarial one, to have them. Neither Israel nor the other nation (in this case Iran) will be likely to use them in that event. At least there will be less chances of that happening unless both nations have a death wish to destroy themselves and others around them.

Israel has not agreed or complied with to any of the resolutions passed by the United Nations in relation to the Middle East conflict. Yet, the West insists on other nations complying with them while allowing Israel to violate them to their hearts content.

The Middle East will not have peace unless and until all Nations there, including Palestine and Israel, are treated equally. Such equality will need compromises from all sides, if peace is to be found. Israel must become a respecter of international law and United Nations resolutions, if they and their backers want countries like Iran to do the same. Biased treatment will only harden the attitudes of those people who are already hard, and it will make it difficult for nations that are trying to tread softly to continue doing so.

It seems that it is the West that is fanning the fires of Middle East conflict. The likes of Colonel Gaddafi, who could play a pivotal role in bringing about a solution have never been engaged by the West, and instead they get the likes of Tony Blair, who knows nothing about the conflict from a Middle Eastern point of view to become brokers, to make sure the process will fail, as it could well be in the commercial interest of the West to keep these fires burning.

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