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TR’s 1 year in office – a tumultuous political journey, Kaziranga to Kohima
When TR Zeliang led NPF legislators along with their allies were singing a “Song” paying “tribute to mothers” at the famous Kaziranga’s IORA The Retreat, it reverberated across the state of Nagaland. One thinks – “How would it be nice if they could sing same at Kohima or Dimapur or any place in Naga...
23.05.2015 - 09:36 By Oken Jeet Sandham
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The day I wrote Vasudeva off!
I am not a fan of prime-minister, Ranil Wickramasinghe but I respect him for he has maintained a clean record where honesty is concerned and he remains one of the most educated in the parliament now. On the other hand I was an admirer of Vasudeva Nanayakara, who never failed to defend the minority...
23.05.2015 - 09:31 By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh
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Hindutva march: US panel asks Obama to act against Indian negative attitude toward minorities!
Indians expected PM Narendra Modi to further advance the non-hatred policies of first ever BJP PM AB Vajpayee but, unfortunately, not only he is reluctant to do so but even pursues a hard cord Hindutva agenda to placate Hindutva constituency in the country. It is already on record that the PM...
23.05.2015 - 09:15 By Dr. Abdul Ruff
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Reemergence of LTTE warned
In a letter to the Editor, Asian Tribune Ira de Silva of London, Canada has painfully pointed out of the growing threat of LTTE and the “growing increase of the LTTE operating in the country without inhibition.” She has alleged that this threat was “fully supported by the spokespersons of the LT...
23.05.2015 - 09:08 By Ira de Silva of London, Canada
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Pak Sri Lanka Friendship has Centuries old Civilizational Roots: Pak Envoy
A group of 19 Cadets of the Sri Lankan National Cadet Corps hailing from all over the Island will be visiting Pakistan from 24 to 31 May 2015, on a bilateral exchange visit. The group will be headed by Major General Raja Guru and will also include 3 officers of the Sri Lankan Army. Yesterday, th...
23.05.2015 - 08:45
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Four SLFP Ministers Resign – A Political Storm In The Making
Four Sri Lanka Freedom Party Ministers - Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena, State Minister of Housing and Samurdhi, Dilan Perera, State Minister of Public Administration and Democratic Governance C.B. Ratnayake and State Minister of Environment Pavithra Wanniarachchi res...
22.05.2015 - 08:31
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War Heroes Remembrance Day Celebrated in Washington
The Ambassador and the staff of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington D.C. marked the sixth anniversary of the end of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka and the War Heroes Remembrance Day on May 19th, 2015, by observing a minute of silence followed by a ceremony. In his remarks at this event, the...
22.05.2015 - 07:23
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The country is poised to enter a new phase of health development - Dr. Rajitha Senaratne
Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine Dr. Rajitha Senaratne on 19th May, addressed the 68th World Health Assembly held in Geneva and highlighted the progress Sri Lanka has made in achieving the Millennium Development Goals and universal health coverage, particularly with respect to Maternal...
21.05.2015 - 11:04
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Why not a ‘Remembrance Day’!
Nineteenth of May is being remembered under various captions; political parties have created an unnecessary and unwanted controversy by some of them calling it ‘Victory day’ another section calling it ‘Honoring the dead’ while few appropriately calling it ‘Remembrance day’. It is a well-known fact...
21.05.2015 - 10:26 By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh
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Bodily autonomy and sexual rights are integral to development justice
The dream of development justice cannot be realized unless governments also recognize bodily autonomy and sexual rights for every human being, especially for those who are marginalized and seldom heard or 'visible'. If we look closely at the data, it will become evident that women and girls are amon...
21.05.2015 - 09:58 By Bobby Ramakant, Citizen News Service (CNS)
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NY Tamils celebrate Amma's victory
A group of Tamils led by Jaya Sundaram, Secretary of American Tamil Sangam and Koshy Oomen, President of Overseas Friends of AIADMK celebrated AIADMK's supremo J Jayalalithaa's acquittal in the protracted wealth case held in Karnataka by offering special prayers to Maha Vallabha Ganapathy temple in...
21.05.2015 - 09:03
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SAPRI in an Effort to Build Religious Harmony
The South Asia Policy and Research Institute (SAPRI) chaired by former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, has embarked on a programme to build sustainable religious harmony in Ratnapura, Kurunegala and Gampaha districts. SAPRI, a regional organization focusing on the formulation of poli...
21.05.2015 - 08:53
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International NGOs Urge To Negotiate Aid Access To Rakhine State, Myanmar
Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) today joined twenty-six other international humanitarian aid and advocacy organizations as a signatory to a letter to the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, urging him to give his “personal attention” to the humanitarian crisis in Rakhine State, Myanma...
21.05.2015 - 08:45
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Will HLPF push for accountability in post-2015 development agenda?
Without robust accountability and monitoring mechanisms, how will people ensure that their governments deliver on the promises they make towards post-2015 sustainable development agenda? Past experience tells us that governments may make promises at the global level but seldom translate them into gr...
20.05.2015 - 08:31 Bobby Ramakant, Citizen News Service (CNS)
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Parliament adjourned till today: Tension prevailed demanding to debate the no confidence motion against Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendra
As the opposition members demanded yesterday the Deputy Speaker to take up in Parliament to debate the no confidence motion against Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendra, seeking the dismissal, Deputy Speaker Chandima Weerakkody was compelled to adjourn sittings at 3.12 pm yesterday till today...
20.05.2015 - 08:13 Colombo, 20 May, (
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Mahinda Celebrates Victory Day
The annual Victory Day celebration organised by the Dinudehshya Surakeeme Jathika Vyaparaya (National Movement to Safeguard Motherland was held at the Vihara Maha Devi Open Air Theatre Colombo on Monday (May 18). The ceremony under the theme, Viruvan Dina Dun Mavubima Rekagamu (Protect the Mother...
20.05.2015 - 03:19
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“Muslim Extremism on the Rise” - Countered
The Editor of Asian Tribune forwarded the article “Muslim Extremism on the Rise” by Dr. Daya Hewapathirane, requesting my response. I would take this opportunity to comment on the fact that the said article has been drawn without order or any sense of responsibility that is expected of a learned doc...
19.05.2015 - 08:20 By M. Zulkifli Nazim
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Drafting a new National Policy on arts and culture
A proposal, which includes recommendations for drafting a new National Policy on arts and culture, was presented to today. A committee comprised of eminent personalities of art and culture has drafted the proposal. The proposal contains necessary steps that should be taken for the advancement of a...
19.05.2015 - 08:07
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Will post-2015 development agenda integrate economic, environmental and social pillars?
Key consultative processes have been going on globally to gather the broadest voices with the intent to effectively shape the post-2015 sustainable development agenda. In the Asia Pacific region there is a considerable effort put in to engage different communities and sectors in these consultations....
19.05.2015 - 07:52 By Bobby Ramakant, Citizen News Service (CNS)
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Burma: Action Urged On Stranded Rohingya Refugees
Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has called on the British government to press for EU Foreign Ministers meeting today to discuss the case of Rohingya refugees who are currently stranded in the Andaman Sea. The BBC reports that hundreds of Rohingya refugees have been stranded on boats for over a...
18.05.2015 - 23:18
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