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Sri Lankan President, PM, Top Leaders inaugurate Exposition of Holy Relics from Pakistan
The Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe inaugurated the exposition of the most Sacred Relics of Lord Buddha brought from Pakistan, in an impressive ceremony at Temple Trees last evening, for public exposition. A large number of senior Monks/religious...
23.05.2016 - 06:54
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Letter From America: Israel: where is she heading to?
General Ya’ir Golan, the deputy Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, delivered a speech on Holocaust Memorial Day. He said, "If there is something that frightens me about the memories of the Holocaust, it is the knowledge of the awful processes which happened in Europe in general, and in Germany in p...
22.05.2016 - 09:58 By Habib Siddiqui
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India lends a helping hand to Sri Lanka
Indian Government has offered emergency aid to Sri Lanka in response to the request for assistance made by the Government of Sri Lanka. A press statement released by the Indian HighCommission in Colombo revealed that the Indian aid was s an expression of our solidarity, Prime Minister of India, S...
22.05.2016 - 07:49
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Converting India Into Pakistan
It is a strange paradox. While the distance between India and Pakistan is increasing day by day, the country is being recast as a mirror image of its radicalised and paranoiac western neighbour. The present dispensation is speeding up this transformational project while refusing to see that it can l...
22.05.2016 - 07:28 BY Atul Cowshish - Syndicate Features
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Vesak Greetings from Obama and Kerry
Keeping with a very long tradition of greeting on occasions of international celebrations, the United States president Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry extended warmest wishes to Buddhists in the United States and around the world in their celebration of Vesak. The American president...
21.05.2016 - 09:06 By Daya Gamage - Asian Tribune US National Correspondent
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Tamil Nadu poll 2016: Jayalalithaa’s historic victory!
Incumbent Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa led AIADMK, by pursuing positive politics, has obviously showcased a spectacular victory on May 19 in the just concluded assembly poll by winning 133 seats – much more than the required 118 seats to form a government - in a very closely contested po...
21.05.2016 - 06:45 By Dr. Abdul Ruff
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Weather Havoc in Sri Lanka: are we out of the woods yet?
Torrential rains, coupled with massive mudslides that wreaked havoc in Sri Lanka do not seem to be showing the much anticipated signs of abating, as a significant volume of moist air is heading towards the island from the West and the South West regions triggering off heavy rainfall. The latest sa...
20.05.2016 - 12:36 Hemantha Abeywardena writes from Sri Lanka…
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Charity with a cause from Pakistan
On Wednesday, Nov 25, 2010, the United States added Pakistan's Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation (FIF) to its official list of blacklisted terror organisations. “The move shows the United States will not tolerate any support to this organisation”, Daniel Benjamin, the State Department's coordinator for c...
20.05.2016 - 06:42 By James Douglous Crickkton
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Pakistan hands over Most Sacred Buddhist Relics to Sri Lanka for Exposition
The Government of Pakistan has handed over the most sacred relics of Lord Buddha to the Government of Sri Lanka today in a special ceremony arranged at the historic Taxila Museum. The relics were handed over on behalf of the government of Pakistan, by the Advisor to Pakistan’s Prime Minister on Nati...
20.05.2016 - 06:14
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Disgraceful effort to privilege tobacco business interests over public health has rightly failed utterly – other countries to follow UK lead
The High Court challenge to the Regulations on Standardized Plain tobacco packaging by the tobacco industry met with a humiliating defeat on Thursday, 19th of May 2016. Thus the landmark judgment in the case will help other countries looking forward to introduce Plain Packaging. France and the Repub...
20.05.2016 - 05:34 By Manjari Peiris
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Twin blasts rock Peshawar, cop killed 17 injured
A cop has been killed and at least 17 other people injured, mostly law enforcement agencies personnel among them when twin blasts rock Peshawar's Mathra area Wednesday morning. According to the police officials the polio team administering drops to the children in the area was the target of the at...
19.05.2016 - 06:40 By Farzana Shah- Pakistan correspondent
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New twists in Bangladesh heist confirms initial suspicion
Latest forensic investigations into Bangladesh Bank (BB) heist have taken the digital trail to Pakistan and its long-time friend, North Korea, and brought into sharp focus terrorism financing angle. Pakistan’s ISI, Northeast Indian rebel, Paresh Baruah, and the Chinese are the primary suspects in th...
19.05.2016 - 06:33 By James Duglous Crickton
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U.S. Ambassador Atul Keshap’s Condoles on the Recent Landslides and Flooding
U.S. Ambassador Atul Keshap has extended his Condolence to the Government of Sri Lanka and the families affected by the recent landslides and flooding in various parts of the Island. Given below the full text of U.S. Ambassador Atul Keshap’s Condolence message: On behalf of the men and women...
19.05.2016 - 06:24
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Buddhist Sacred Bone Relics from Pakistan to arrive in Sri Lanka on Vesak festival
In order to be part of the most important annual Vesak Buddhist Festival falling on 21st May 2016, the government of Pakistan is providing the most sacred bone relics of Lord Buddha to Sri Lanka for exposition throughout Sri Lanka. The exposition is being organized on the request of the Sri Lankan...
19.05.2016 - 06:14
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Is Tamil Nadu heading for hung assembly?
One can’t pointblank say as yet that the people of Tamil Nadu have voted for a hung assembly but the post poll predictions say so, although exit polls gave contradictory views about the poll outcomes. While some exit polls projected AIADMK as the clear winner, some others have given DMK the winner t...
18.05.2016 - 14:22 By Dr. Abdu Ruff
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Pakistan Announces Prestigious Jinnah Scholarships 2016 for Sri Lankan Youth
The High Commission of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Sri Lanka invites applications for award of Jinnah Scholarship from deserving Sri Lankan students pursuing their studies at O’ Levels and A Levels. The Government of Pakistan is awarding Jinnah Scholarships for Sri Lanka O/A level student...
18.05.2016 - 07:47
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Sri Lanka To Chair ‘Abu Dhabi Dialogue’ Among Asian Countries Of Labour Origin And Destination
Sri Lanka has been unanimously elected to be the next Chair-in-Office of the 17 member ‘Abu Dhabi Dialogue’ (ADD) among Asian Countries of Labour Origin and Destination. Senior Officials representing member governments of the ADD at a meeting on 11- 12 May 2016 in Dubai, agreed to Sri Lanka’s pr...
18.05.2016 - 07:37
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Screening for breast and cervical cancer is a public health imperative
Breast and cervical cancers are two major cancers among women. For decades, cervical cancer was the most common cancer in women in India. But now, breast cancer has replaced cervical cancer and become the leading cancer in terms of incidence and number of cancer deaths among women in India. The mo...
18.05.2016 - 07:29 By Akanksha Sethi
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China vying total mineral entry
Boosting Sri Lankan mineral sector outlook, a global industry conglomerate from China mainland announced on May 12 that it is ready to take a lead role in Sri Lanka’s strategic minerals. “We are looking for outright purchase of any mineral sands and graphite production of Sri Lanka” said a determine...
17.05.2016 - 16:54
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Right to Information (RTI) send clear signals of Sri Lanka’s commitment to reform and good governance - Keshap
As the Government proceeds with discussion on the Right to Information, its work will send clear signals of Sri Lanka’s commitment to reform and good governance, U.S. Ambassador Atul Keshap says. “You are truly fortunate to serve your citizenry at a historic and golden moment when the vast majority...
17.05.2016 - 09:10
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