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Charge of the Lewinsky Brigade: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”

By Major General (Retd.) Lalin Fernando

Lewinsky.jpgHillary is a perpetual loser. There is one battle however in which the world will support her and which she must win. That is the battle to make sure that those who abuse women whether in war or elsewhere are taken to task, a very noble Endeavour.

However by taking a baseless pot shot at SL when the worst perpetrators were closer home she has flopped again. The opprobrium came thick and fast and not only from SL, an unceasing flight of arrows casting dark shadows over her many failures.

Maybe she used the battlefield medal(s) she awarded herself for allegedly coming under fire in Albania and her position in the US Strike (at the 3rd World) Command to make her point. Is she trying to gain revenge for the co lateral damage she suffered in cellar to cellar skirmishes which took place in the now Black House? Unfazed she continues to serve as point in the US Presidential Crusaders Corps, hardly a place from which sermons on behaviour or conduct in war can impress others even UN wide.

She must have known when she came out with her ill advised attack on SL in the UN, that there have been Generals and even Commanders in Chief whose reputation for indulging in the ‘spoils of war’ and claiming victory were more in bed than in the battlefield. This may not have happened in the Sudan, DRC, Burma or SL but it did in the US of A. She should have reserved her suicide attacks for those adventurers.

SL in response, having reached towering heights of soldiering and battlefield conduct in its war with the most barbaric terrorist group the world has seen and having gained a victory which in years to come will be recorded in history with astonishment, does not need to defend itself from scurrilous and mercenary, cross fire. These attacks could also be considered ill advised propaganda for a dead cause when directed at SL. SL should not respond by targeting the conduct of the American or NATO soldiers what ever villainy they are up to as they are not our foes. She will soon be a casualty in the coming ‘change’ in America. Her uncomplimentary remarks about Obama during the Presidential race put her in the cross hairs of more than one political sniper.

SL should not get unnecessarily excited by Hillary’s barrages which both the US state department and its ambassador to SL, Butenis, were at pains to deflect by saying that Hillary’s statement did not identify the rapists nor did it refer to the last phase of war from 2006 to 2009. Can Butenis tell us then why Hillary shamed us and if possible by what moronic parameter SL was bracketed with other countries in 2009 while Rwanda and Sierra Leone and one country far better known were all excluded - in 2009? The most powerful violators of the laws governing the rules and conduct of war are now in the IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) business. They both award and then withdraw citations for such misconduct. Will she also now qualify for the (Norwegian) Nobel Prize?

Hillary has not been accused of plagiarism, though she repeated verbatim in September 2009 at the UN, (as Shyamalee Thudawe says in the Mirror) what the US Ambassador at Large for Global Women’s Issues Melanne Verveer stated on 13 May 2009 to the US sub committee hearing, that “violence against women as a tool of armed groups is in no way limited to DRC, Sudan or just Africa. We’ve see this in Bosnia, Burma, SL and elsewhere”. Hillary, who rode comfortably along with Bill’s “I did not lie” story found it easy to use the identical words of Verveer without acknowledgement, but artfully substituted ‘rape’ for “violence against women” in her mischievous quick attack on SL.

It must be easy on her conscience to satisfy the Diaspora Tamils who she appears not to know bank rolled the LTTE, the outlawed and most bestial terrorists of all time who were ‘done in’ completely by the SL armed forces. The concern in SL is that the Diaspora has over 300 million dollars to spend on influential speakers. They could not have entertained doubts about her talents if not her scruples if they banked on her.

If SL’s forces used ‘violence’ against women in war before 2006 or after, was it not against the LTTE ‘songbirds’, their conscripted women suicide cadres? Was this against the UN or Hillary’s rules of war?

The Norwegians who continue to give flank support to the LTTE may have told Hillary that when the Vikings attacked European coastal settlements in medieval times, their attack forces were divided into 3 groups. The first had to kill, the second to burn and Hillary must have assiduously studied what the 3rd had to do to gain her expertise whether it was a ‘tool’ or a ‘spoil’ of war.

Was it then ignorance or hypocrisy that prevented her for discerning and naming the perpetrators of gross murder of children, women and men and rape in Asia and the Middle East during the Butenis period (2006-9)? Did she then stuff SL into her filthy scrap book of shame to shield a country she is more familiar with that is massively hemorrhaging? If not, was this just pussy footing?

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