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Was Duvaraka tortured and killed?

From S Murari, Chennai
Chennai, 17 December, (

dwaraka1_0.jpgWas Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam V Prabhakaran's daughter Duvaraka tortured and killed in the final stages of the war in Sri Lanka?

Pro-Eelam websites have released what they claim to be a picture of Duvaraka with blood spattered face and disheveled clothes, indicating that she might have been raped and killed., a web portal, has published two photographs, one of Duvaraka with blood stained face and eyes closed, obviously taken after her death and another showing her in her younger days. is releasing a file picture of Duvaraka in her younger days.

The portal itself says it is not sure whether the woman was indeed Prabhakaran's daughter. It has said many leaders negotiated surrender in the final stages of the war in Mullaitivu through LTTE's external wing leader K Pathmanabhan and other external forces.

It has said the LTTE has officially confirmed only the death of Prabhakaran's eldest son Charles Antony and "no body has any clear information about the fate of Prabhakaran, his wife Mathivathani and son Balachandran".

The pro-Eelam websites, according to the portal, have released this picture to show to the world how the Sri Lankan army, in utter disregard of Geneva conventions, had tortured and killed a woman.

The portal has recalled retired General Sarath Fonseka's accusation in the course of his campaign for presidential election that President Mahinda Rajapaksa's brother and Defence Secretary Gothabaya Rajapaksa had ordered a divisional commander of the army to shoot dead LTTE's political spokesman V Nadesan and chairman of the peace secretariat Pulidevan when they came with white flags to surrender in Mullivaikal. It has also noted that following an outcry among the Sinhalese that he had betrayed the nation, Gen Fonseka had backtracked.

dwaraka12.jpg The accusation, even if retracted, lends credibility to the fact that the woman in the photo, regardless of whether she was Prabhakaran's daughter or not, was tortured and killed, the portal commented.

Noted Tamil columnist D B S Jeyaraj, in his blog, has said that in the final stage Prabhakaran wanted to split the remaining fighters into three groups, with one to break the cordon and escape, another to stay back and fight and a third to surrender.

According to him, Prabakharan chose his son Charles Antony for the last-ditch battle, Pulidevan and Nadesan to negotiate surrender and Soosai to take him and his family along with select fighters to the Mullaitivu jungles.

The group led by Soosai was initially successful in breaking out. "Prabhakaran, wife Madhivadhani Erambu , daughter Duvaraga (23) and younger son Balachandran (11) were also part of the contingent led by Soosai who remained faithful to his leader until the last".

"Duvaraga, an exceptionally beautiful girl and accomplished dancer had for a short time been a student abroad. She had returned after a while to be with her family and people. Duvaraga had been a member of the Malathy women’s brigade and had fought in recent battles".

Duvaraka[1]_0.jpg The Prabhakaran family of four and 47 others managed to penetrate Nandhikkadal defence ring and move north to the Puthumaatalan area. A message sent on behalf of Prabhakaran to the remaining cadres in Mullivaaikkal stated “udaithukondu poyitram” (we’ve broken through and gone).

But all these expectations were belied on that fateful day. Prabhakaran’s body was discovered before dawn on Tuesday May 19th lying on the Nanthikkadal bank. Soldiers of the 4th Vijayabahu infantry regiment led by Lt.Col Rohitha Aluvihare claimed to have found it.

Prabhakaran had been shot at point blank range. Four of his bodyguards were lying dead in the vicinity. Later on it was claimed that the bodies of Madhivadhany, Duvaaraga and Balachandran were found in a bushy patch about 600 metres way from where Prabhakaran’s body was found. Charles

Anthony’s body was found elsewhere earlier. The entire family had been wiped out.
This is Jeyaraj's version. No one has raised the question as to how Prabhakaran's family and even his long-lost parents were with him in his final hours. Did he have a premonition that the end was near?

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