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Join the crusade: Big push for transgender and hijra welfare
It was indeed a humbling experience for me to be part of the Third National Hijra Habba (festival of transgenders) held recently in the capital city of India. Organised by India HIV/AIDS Alliance’s Pehchan programme, it was the first event of its kind at the national level since the Supreme Court’s...
06.07.2015 - 14:25 By Shobha Shukla, Citizen News Service (CNS)
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Is there anything Islamic in 'IS'?
I very strongly doubt about the authenticity of IS and its affiliates whether they are actually Muslims. We read about IS hanging the young children who were not fasting in Syria. We all know that fasting is not compulsory on young children. On the other hand did these brutes ever care to see wheth...
06.07.2015 - 07:17 By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh
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If Foothill Road construction completed, it will be economic boom for state: Nuklutoshi
Frequent bandhs and strikes in Assam have largely impacted on the state of Nagaland and also neighboring Manipur. Such bandhs and strikes have also badly hampered the inter-district movement of Nagaland particularly those bordering Assam, because only few roads are there connecting border districts...
06.07.2015 - 07:09 By Oken Jeet Sandham
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Alwaleed Philanthropies grants 10,000 housing units, 10,000 cars to citizens
As an expression of his gratitude to the Saudi nation and its people, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal announced the resumption of the two Alwaleed Philanthropic projects that consist of providing 10,000 housing units to Saudi citizens, which is part of his development housing initiative, in addition to gr...
06.07.2015 - 06:51
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Letter From America: Maung Maung Ohn lies about the Rohingya people
The Outlook India magazine has recently conducted an interview of General Maung Maung Ohn, the chief minister of the Rakhine state of Myanmar. In that he shared his opinions about the Rohingya people who are recognized as the most persecuted people in our planet. During his tenure in office we have...
05.07.2015 - 07:02 By Dr. Habib Siddiqui
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Hypocrites all - Remembrance Games in SL
There was what was touted to be a ‘Remembrance Parade’ at Matara on 18 May 2015. Thousands and not only from the South came to see it, to honor those who delivered them from the scourge of terrorism and pay tribute to those who had sacrificed their lives for the country. During the 26 year old ‘c...
05.07.2015 - 06:53 By A. Patabendi
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Saudi billionaire prince pledges entire fortune to charity
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal says the money will go to programmes promoting health, modernisation, intercultural understanding and empowering women. A Saudi billionaire has announced one of the biggest philanthropic gestures in history, promising to donate all his $32bn wealth to charity over the co...
04.07.2015 - 08:33
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Changing party is like changing shirt!
Today you may elect someone who contests on SLFP ticket at the general elections and tomorrow you will see him crossing over to the UNP. The same goes with the guy who contested and won on the UNP ticket, crossing over to the blue. I don’t want to mention the hundreds of other parties, which I hav...
04.07.2015 - 08:19 By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh.
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TULF requests Tamil people to wake up from their deep slumber
V. Anandasangaree, Secretary General of the Tamil United Liberation Front has appealed to all Tamil Political Parties including those of the South and the Upcountry to get united under one banner to form a common front, as an alternative to the TNA in the interest of the Tamil speaking people. Anan...
03.07.2015 - 13:58
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'Pehchan' has given transgender people a new 'Pehchan' (Identity)...
So said Priya when I met her at the community dinner on the eve of the recent 3rd Hijra Habba (Habba is a Kannada word meaning festival) event organized by Pehch?n project in association with India HIV/AIDS Alliance in Delhi, that brought together over 350 hijras and transgenders from across the cou...
03.07.2015 - 08:40 By Shobha Shukla, Citizen News Service (CNS)
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Sri Lankans poised to provide a critical mandate
It is a haunting maize that Sri Lankans face in August. How will the issues be framed by a tripartite political power divide now prevailing in the country? President Sirisena is reportedly bent on keeping his Swan symbol intact, while the UNP led by Ranil Wickremesinghe and the group headed by the f...
03.07.2015 - 08:31 By Philip Fernando
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UTNA reveals shortage of 348 staff nurses, wonders on creation of 17 posts of staff nurses in 26 years
Unemployed Trained Nurses Association (UTNA) of Nagaland has come down heavily on the State Government for making the State Health services in a very pathetic condition. They said there was shortage of about 348 staff nurses plus 30% leave reservation in hospitals in the state, and strangely the gov...
03.07.2015 - 08:21
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‘China’s new World Bank opportunity for Sri Lanka’-Mainland Press Official
Just as Sri Lanka vies for China’s booming export market, the country also yearns for imports from China-and Sri Lanka is an ‘important location’ in China’s strategic Silk Road Economic Belt project and China’s new “World Bank”, as revealed on 02 July.” Sri Lanka is an important link in China’s $...
02.07.2015 - 22:34
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Pakistan a lucrative destination for investment: Bloomberg
The Washington based international financial monitoring institution Bloomberg News has acknowledged Pakistan's expanding economy. In a report, it said that cheapest borrowing costs have made the country as a lucrative destination for investment. It said in Pakistan's commercial hub of Karachi, at le...
02.07.2015 - 16:09
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Navin urges people to reject Mahinda and “consign him into the dustbin of history”
“Mahinda same old stuff...old tape...nothing new for the people...people will put you in dustbin of history...sad to see you fall step by step like this...,” Posted Tourism and Sports Minister Navin Dissanayake and said people would reject Mr. Rajapaksa and consign him into the dustbin of history....
02.07.2015 - 10:07
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Cyber-related risks a global threat of “bloodless war,” - PM at the launch of Digital India week
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today described cyber-related risks as a global threat of “bloodless war,” and called upon the nation’s IT community to serve the entire world by building credible cyber-security systems. He was speaking at the launch of the Digital India week in New Delhi tod...
01.07.2015 - 22:26
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Sri Lanka’s ’15 Kunming take surpasses $2M
Sri Lankan biz, facilitated by EDB strongly raged at the recent Kunming international fair in China notching initial an income surpassing $2 Mn-and some eager Lankan firms are still continuing in the mainland having been asked by keen Chinese firms to stay back and conclude initial agreements for fu...
01.07.2015 - 09:07
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Multi Religious Ceremonies in Ratnapura to bless former President Chandrika Kumaratunga
The Multi-religious Forum in Imbulpe, in collaboration with the South Asia Policy & Research Institute (SAPRI) organized multi religious programmes in the Ratnapura district, on June 18th, with the participation of children of all four religions, to invoke blessings on former President Chandrika...
01.07.2015 - 08:57
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Democracy and Nagaland
India is, undoubtedly, the largest democratic nation in the world. It has multi-party system in its democracy. There are many countries in the world where such multi-party systems have been successful in their respective democracies. Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Ita...
01.07.2015 - 08:39 By Oken Jeet Sandham
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Sri Lankan general election: The return of Mahinda Rajapaksa
While Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev exchanged the seats of power by mutual agreement, and some goodwill, it is unlikely that there is any goodwill between the Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa even if the latter is given n...
01.07.2015 - 08:24 By Raj Gonsalkorale
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