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Royal Wedding 2011: Celebrations Ended in Text-Book Perfection

Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London…
London, 30 April (

royal_couple.JPGDr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury married HRH Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton at 1000-year-old Westminster Abbey on Friday, in the full glare of publicity that attracted a global audience of over 2 billion people. The whole ceremony with its unique pomp and pageantry attracted an estimated one million people to fill up London streets.

While knowing very well that their every move was being watched by millions around the world, the Royal couple, now known as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge respectively, plucked up the courage to stay as calm as possible throughout the ceremony.

There were almost 2000 guests for the ceremony that included the members of other Royal families in Europe and the rest of the world. The hour-long service inside the historic abbey was a very moving occasion indeed, as the young prince missed his beloved mother on the special occasion. He had somewhat compensated himself for the irreplaceable loss by using her engagement ring when she proposed her intention to marry Miss Middleton, a few months ago.

After the marriage, the couple were taken to Buckingham Palace on a magnificent horse-driven carriage, only to be followed by thousands of photographers and hundreds thousands of well-wishers who converged on London from all over the world. They all wanted to witness the balcony-kiss – and got just that, when the couple emerged from inside. The crowd, who were impatiently waiting for it, just went wild with overwhelming emotions.

After the ceremony at Buckingham Palace, the Duke of Cambridge, former Prince William drove down with his bride to Clarence House in an open Aston Martin which runs on bio-fuel. He provided the partying crowd with another opportunity to cheer-up the day with that gesture by proving that he is a down-to-earth prince.

The weather in London defied the gloomy forecast; it didn’t rain; there was plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. There were several reports about street parties, all over the country.

The Royal Wedding proved once again that it was more than a personal affair. The vast crowds that clogged up London streets show the significance of the Royal family not only in Britain, but also around the world; they are more than a set of icons. The event connected them again with the wider world in a constructive sense.

-Asian Tribune-

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