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JHU awaits Election Commissioner’s approval
The United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) said it was awaiting the Elections Commissioner’s approval to change its name back to the ‘Jathika Hela Urumaya’ (JHU). The party had also requested that diamond symbol of the UGGNF be replaced with the JHU’s Conch symbol. New Ministries In the...
30.08.2015 - 08:03
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Dangers of Playing Cupid to the Unfaithful
As the leaked details of hyperactive men and women are emerging in dribs and drabs, the founder and CEO of Ashley Madison, the online dating site with a ‘difference’, has stepped down from the company, having come under pressure from the stakeholders on many fronts. Ashley Madison, with the motto, ‘...
30.08.2015 - 07:52 Hemantha Abeywardena writes from Colombo…
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Omanthai Military Check Point Closed
The military check point located on the A-9 Road between Omanthai in Vavuniya, the last vestige of military domination over the Tamils by the Sri Lanka Government, has been closed with effect from yesterday (29), officials said. “The checkpoint is now open for free passage,” a senior government...
30.08.2015 - 07:48
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Strict laws to prevent use of Polythene and Asbestos – President
President Maithripala Sirisena says he would enforce strict laws from January 1, 2016 to prevent use of polythene which is a major threat to the environment and the health of the people. He added he would totally ban the production of polythene from January 1, 2018. The President made these remarks...
29.08.2015 - 22:44
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The Die is cast
‘Alea iacta est ‘ or the die is cast meaning, the point of no return as the non-Myanmar ethnic nationalities make a solemn vow not to sign the cease-fire agreement without the inclusiveness of all. During four days of discussions in a safe place of Chiangmai, which ended on August 24, armed groups p...
29.08.2015 - 11:15 By Kanbawza Win
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When will we know the truth?
I know that one day the whole world will come to know the truth, no doubt, until then I am along with everyone else frustrated to know who has been helping Daesh to commit all these atrocities in the Arab lands but now I am more frustrated after reading one of well-known English journalists, Robert...
29.08.2015 - 09:56 By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh
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CWC & EPDP Volunteers To Support The National Government
Ceylon Workers Congress and EPDP have decided to extend their support to the National Government, SLFP acting General Secretary Duminda Dissanayake said. The CWC supported the UPFA during the recent general election and contested under the UPFA ticket in the Nuwara Eliya District. Two of its members...
28.08.2015 - 09:48
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The South African Tamil Federation Congratulates Tamil National Alliance
The South African Tamil Federation ( SATF) has placed on record its congratulations to the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leadership, on the resounding election victory in the Eastern and Northern Provinces of Sri Lanka. The SATF in its message said that, “This victory sends a very clear message...
27.08.2015 - 10:23
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Lalin’s Column : More Ministerial Howlers and 3 wise men
This was the first time that the SL public has heard that it was the Rajapakse ’regime’ alone that waged ‘war’ on the terrorists. Successive SL governments, starting with the UNP in 1977, had done it ‘their way’. Rajapakse Regime: This included giving JRJ’s relative and not the Commander of the Arm...
27.08.2015 - 09:57 By Major General (Retd.) Lalin Fernando
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Kumar Sangakkara - Perseverance and Personality of Modern Sri Lankan Cricket
It is the reality that retirement of a sportsman from professional sport becomes absolutely obligatory at the appropriate time due to various reasons. Even if there is no age limit or time limit for retirement in sports, poor performance, aging and clandestine schemes may cause to decide on retireme...
26.08.2015 - 23:28 By T.K. Premadasa
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Sri Lankan students Graduated in Cuba with Flying Colors
A total of 9 Sri Lankan students have passed out from leading universities in Cuba in July this year with flying colors. These graduate students, specialized in Geology, Economy, Biomedical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Science, Architecture, Biology, Computer Science, Sports & Physical Educationa...
26.08.2015 - 23:17
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Finance ministry invites proposals from the public for the 2016-Budget
The ministry of Finance requests the public and the private sector institutions and the general public to submit their proposals to be included in the proposed budget for the year- 2016. Building the Economy, Fighting corruption, Ensuring freedom, Developing infrastructure and investment and Develop...
26.08.2015 - 23:09
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Improper appointments will retard the peace process
V. Anandasangaree -Secretary General of the Tamil United Liberation Front has criticized the appointment of the two national list members of parliament representing the Tamil National Alliance as “improper appointments” and would “retard the peace process. “ In a statement released to the press, Se...
26.08.2015 - 23:03
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Evolving Political Landscape Following the Election
The election fever is gone and people in Sri Lanka get on with their lives as if nothing new took place in the layer that governs them, occasionally giving their opinions to ‘breaking news’ that they get from TV, radio or via SMS – along the party lines, though. In the deep South where I am in, at...
26.08.2015 - 22:28 Hemantha Abeywardena writes from Galle, Sri Lanka …
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Those fearful nights!
Everyone remembers Saddam’s ill-advised invasion of his neighbor, Kuwait, in the nineties. When Bush senior retaliated and tried to free Kuwait, Saddam was angered by those who provided bases for the foreign forces. He unleashed this anger by raining scud missiles into his neighboring countries. Al...
26.08.2015 - 22:22 By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh
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Former Speaker Lohe lambasted Zeliang for disrespecting local sentiments
Former Nagaland Assembly Speaker Z Lohe lambasted the TR Zeliang Government for relentlessly pursuing for setting up of “Rani Gaidinliu Memorial Museum or Statue” here at the State capital, Kohima much against the wishes of the citizens of the State. Talking to NEPS here on Tuesday, the veteran poli...
26.08.2015 - 09:57 By Oken Jeet Sandham
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A coalition government is not a national government
The attempts being made to form a UPFA/UNP government should not be and cannot be called National government, as such a government will require the participation of all political parties which have secured seats in the parliament. What is being discussed between the UNP and the UPFA is a coalition g...
26.08.2015 - 08:23 By A Special Correspondent
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Sri Lanka inks three ground breaking export pacts in one go
Advancing further on its market diversification efforts on Asia, Sri Lanka’s apex exports body EDB broke fresh grounds on 24 August when it successfully inked three Asian cooperation pacts in one go on 24 August in Colombo. “Today you are taking part in this important forum at a time when trade prom...
25.08.2015 - 22:31
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United States Supports Resettlement Efforts in Sampur
As President Sirisena said last Saturday at a land-return ceremony in Sampur, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka’s efforts has attracted support from the international community. The United States joined other international donors and will provide $1 million to support resettlement efforts in Sampur as part of...
25.08.2015 - 22:18
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World should take notice of cancellation of talks by India: Sartaj
Advisor on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz has asked the international community to take notice of the cancellation of talks by India with Pakistan. In an interview, he said Kashmir is part of all outstanding issues between Pakistan and India. Sartaj Aziz said terrorism, which In...
25.08.2015 - 08:03
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