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Sri Lankan Muslim boy wins a prestigious award at Dubai International Quran competition 2011

By Dr Rifai UK

A 14 year old Muhammad Asmi from Srilanka participated at Quran reciting competition and secured fourth place. It is a prestigious award for Sri Lankan Muslim boy.

This gives him one more opportunity inshallah to participate once again in three years time. May Allah give that opportunity as well grace us once again?

Quran memorizers from more than 90 countries participated in this year’s completion. Most of them came from Muslim countries and yet, some of them came from Non-Muslim countries as well.

Muhammad Asmi from Sri Lanka participated at this competition and inspired the spectators’ attentions. His recitation was a marvelous one. He beautifully recited the Verses of the Holy Quran with confidence and clarity. He recited the verses with his sweet voice in accordance with rules of Quranic reading paradigms. His pronunciation of Quranic words was superb.

We all Sri Lankan Muslim community feel proud of his achievement. This is the first time in Sri Lankan Muslim history that a Sri Lankan Muslim Hafiz receives such a prestigious award for Quranic recitation at an international competition.

The guidance and efforts of his parents and teachers should be highly appreciated in this regard. It is true that Sri Lankan Islamic institutes produce some good Hafizs yet this is the first that one of our Hafiz gets international recognition. This teenage Hafiz sets a historical precedent for all our other young people to show their interests in Quranic readings and recitation.

I hope and pray to Almighty Allah that many more Hafiz of this caliber emerge from Sri Lakan soil as well. It is not an impossible task for other parents to guide their children in this direction. This needs some dedication and determination in our guidance.

More importantly we should plan at earliest stage of our children’s childhood. It is scientifically established fact that babies in wombs have abilities to listen and absorb what mothers listen during the pregnancy.

If our Muslim ladies listen more Quranic reading during their pregnancy undoubtedly this could influence their children’s memorization of the Holy Quran.

I’m really thrilled with the power and miraculous nature of the Holy Quran when I listened to this boy’s recitation. His recitation filled my eyes with tears. I wondered how a Non-Arab Muslim boy without basic Arabic language knowledge recites the verses of the Holy Quran as beautifully as a native Arab With its linguistic traditions. I wondered how this teenage boy of 14 years old could memorize the entire Quran at this early age. Isn’t it a miraculous power of this Holy Quran?

A friend of mine at work showed me a YouTube clip of a three years old boy reciting a chapter of Yusuf from his memory: No wonder this is a miraculous nature of the holy Quran that it could inspire hearts and minds of people at any age at any time. We read in the Islamic history that thousands of people inspired with miraculous power of this divine book.

The oral transmission is a unique nature of this divine book. This book is the only revealed book that has been preserved by oral & written transmission. Millions of people like these young Quranic memorizers verify the miraculous and authentic nature of this Holy Quran. The international Quranic completions like this should open the hearts and minds of Non-Muslims brothers who cast doubt on the true divine nature and authenticity of the Holy Quran.

Moreover these live competitions open up opportunities for Muslims and Non-Muslim people to listen to the Holy Quran: Dubai international Quran completion is a gracious event that could guide thousands of people to the divine guidance of the Holy Quran: We hope and pray that more Quranic research competitions would be organized by these noble people.

We Sri Lankan Muslim community lives in Non-Muslim country far away from centers of Islamic civilization. Yet, with blessings and grace of the Holy Quran we could generate wonders within our communities. This teenage Hafiz is one of these marvels. This Hafiz has earned a good reputation not only for Srilankan Muslim community but also for our nation at international level with his skills. Let us guide our children in his footsteps. Let us pray for him and his parent in this holy month.

May Almightily Allah bless His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for initiating this noble Quranic reciting competition. This Quran reciting competition was initiated in 1997 and since then this competition has been attracting the attention of Muslim people all over the world.

Undoubtedly, this event is a historical Islamic event in our contemporary Islamic history and particularly in the service of our Holy Quran. As all we aware that Muslim world is going through a period of turbulence and turmoil today and Muslims are economically, educationally and politically weak in our contemporary world.

At this historical juncture of our time, event of this nature revitalizes and reinvigorates our faith and our Imam: Moreover, it instills our love and attachment to this Holy Quran. It encourages Muslims to recite, read and understand the Quran.

An International event like this provokes and stipulates our thought and reminds us of our mission and vision in this world. Above all, it is an inspirational event for our young generation to adore the guidance and teachings of the Holy Quran. More importantly, generates hope and confidence in hearts of Muslim minority communities in the world. It makes them as one international community guided by the teaching of this holy book. May Allah reward abundantly all those who are involved in this noble competition.

- Asian Tribune -

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