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Asian Tribune is published by World Institute For Asian Studies|Powered by WIAS Vol. 12 No. 1585

People’s Prince

S.H.Moulana – Riyadh

Who on earth, who heard the handicapped child Abdullah saying ‘I love you’, responding to Prince Sultan’s affectionate ‘Are you alright?’ wouldn't have been moved ?

The compassionate prince was overwhelmed with the child’s swift response but we wonder whether he heard the numerous other ‘we love you’ daily uttered by so many thousands, when he was living and now even after his death.

There are hundreds of philanthropists who lavishly give out but not without publicity for what they do. But in the case of Prince Sultan it is the receiver who made it public and not the giver. Many of his good deeds we came to know only through the beneficiaries, and only after his death, but not through the benefactor or by any publicity means.

This clearly shows his sincere intention of helping people and not for publicity. One exemplary quality in him, we found, was that he treated everyone alike whether his countrymen or otherwise. We hope that others too will be motivated to serve the less fortunate the way this big hearted prince did during his life time. In fact he really enjoyed helping people and earned the name ‘people’s prince’ in some circle.

We will not see his ever smiling face any more but no doubt that he has won a permanent place in everyone’s heart. We wonder whether anyone else would have ever attracted so many people to raise their hands in prayer like this ‘people’s prince’ did, thousands if not millions are still praying for him.

May God bless this selfless true servant of the creator!

- Asian Tribune -

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