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UNHRC summit and Sri Lankan anger; Some Western Nations doing the bidding of LTTE supporters

By Raj Gonsalkorale

It is reported that some Western nations are to move a motion at the February sessions of the UNHRC compelling Sri Lanka to act on possible accountability issues during the final war against the LTTE within a time frame determined by the UNHRC.

Sri Lanka has been singled out by these Western nations while they themselves have not accounted for their actions in other countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Sudan, just to name a few countries where conflict has been kindled or organized by these very same Western nations.

The number of innocent people killed in these countries has been in the hundreds of thousands, but there have been no UN or UNHCR resolutions on these atrocities.

Sri Lankans do not condone any instance of deliberate killing of civilians during the final Eelam war. However, they do not believe there were any deliberate killings.

They believe that the final war was as violent as any similar war fought by others, including some Western nations who are now pontificating about fighting “clean” wars when they fought some of the dirtiest wars in the history of mankind.

Sri Lankans know that some innocent civilians were killed during the last battle.

They know that the battle was not a tea party. They mourn these deaths brought about by the LTTE which refused to surrender when repeated calls for them to do so went unheeded. These deaths would not have occurred had the LTTE, fighting a losing battle, surrendered.

Sri Lankans also do not believe that it is logical to kill some innocent civilians and then save another 300,000 from the jaws of death in the hands of the LTTE. They do not believe it is logical to do this and also rehabilitate thousands of captured LTTE cadres and release them to the society.

To Sri Lankans, there is no logic in what they are accused of by some western nations.

Sri Lankans feel that many pots that are calling the kettle black, are doing so to hide their own misdemeanors in other parts of the world, and to shift the attention of the UNHRC from where their attention should be focused.

Sri Lankans are also angered that those who are at the forefront of castigating the country and its Armed Forces, were blissfully silent when the LTTE committed some of the most heinous crimes against humanity for nearly three decades.

They are also angry that sections of the Tamil Diaspora, and several of their organized groups still espousing the cause of separatism, having supported the LTTE with funds and guns, and therefore complicit in the crimes committed by the LTTE, are now targeting the Sri Lankan government because they managed to defeat the LTTE, the very reason for their existence.

Sri Lankans are also angry that some Western nations are doing the bidding of these LTTE supporters, and therefore directly supporting, and ignoring the crimes committed by the LTTE, while condemning rather than congratulating the bravery of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces for defeating probably the world’s most ruthless terrorist organization.

They are angry about the double standards of these western nations.

Sri Lankans are also angry that they are not being given the space and time, of their choosing, to act on the recommendations of the LLRC, the country’s own internal mechanism that looked into the last phase of the war and the period preceding that commencing with the failed ceasefire agreement that the Ranil Wickremasinghe government entered into with the LTTE.

They are angry that their country has been singled out with time tables for accountability while those pushing for them have not been asked to be accountable in the many wars they have been fighting for decades, and more.

Sri Lankans no doubt expect their President and their government to act on the LLRC recommendations. They expect the government and Opposition parties to sit together in the Parliamentary Select Committee and find an amicable political solution that is home grown and that is acceptable to all communities.

All this is for Sri Lankans by the Sri Lankans. Only they should dictate to the government and the Opposition parties, not the Tamil Diaspora, not international organizations and above all, not Western or other governments.

Sri Lankans have begun to feel that those countries preaching democracy and freedom in effect are the opposite of what they are preaching, and that it should chart its destiny with those who truly practice democracy, or those who do not preach what they do not or cannot practice.

Sri Lankans are proud of their sovereignty and their freedom. They regained freedom from the British 64 years ago, yesterday. They did not yield to the might of an Empire where they said famously that the sun never sets in the British Empire.

Neither will they yield to a new Empire, a new form of colonialism, where the mighty believe the sun should shine only in their countries. Sri Lankans too have place in the sun as much as anyone else on this Earth.

On this 64th anniversary of Independence, let the world know that Sri Lanka too matters, they have their history, their culture and their pride and their place in the sun. This is for all citizens of the country, be they Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, Malays and other communities.

Sri Lanka should move a counter motion to defend not just itself, but other developing countries who could face a similar fate in the hands of countries who preach democracy and human rights although their practice of these noble tenants is the opposite of what they preach. In their honour and in the name of their sovereignty, they should support Sri Lanka as they have done before.

- Asian Tribune –

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