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Nexus Spells Trouble in Punjab
State assembly polls in Punjab are still a year away but the campaign bugle has been sounded. Leaders of the ruling Akali Dal-BJP government and their main challenger, the Congress have addressed large public meetings where they spoke the language of election campaigns. Both the parties got a shock...
04.04.2016 - 08:03 By Tukoji R. Pandit - Syndicate Features
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Indian PM Modi in Riyadh!
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on April 02 arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for a two-day visit for signing economic and security deals, during which he will stay at the royal family’s guest palace. PM Modi arrived in Riyadh from Washington on the final leg of his three-nation tour that began...
03.04.2016 - 08:22 Dr. Abdul Ruff By
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NATO in Trouble! Why do Americans think it is a relic from the past?
Donald Trump, the GOP favourite for the forthcoming presidential election in the US, stirred up yet another political storm recently, while questioning the relevance of NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization – in a Post-Cold-War era, on the grounds of ballooning American financial support in ord...
03.04.2016 - 07:42 Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London…
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What’s Next for Suu Kyi’s NLD Government?
Myanmar has sworn in its first civilian-dominated government in more than half a century. The military-backed transitional administration handed over power on March 30 to a successor led by Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy. The handover ceremony confirmed that Suu Kyi would be taking...
03.04.2016 - 07:36
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India and Sri Lanka exchange letters to implement Indian Housing Project in Central and Uva Provinces
India and Sri Lanka today exchanged letters to construct 4000 houses in the Central and Uva Provinces under a community driven-model as the third phase of the Indian Housing Project in Sri Lanka. The letters were exchanged by Mr. Y.K. Sinha, High Commissioner of India and P. Thigambaram, Minister...
03.04.2016 - 07:28
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The Great Oratory Contest
Critics of Narendra Modi in politics and media were nearly unanimous in extolling his oratorical skills displayed in abundance during the last Lok Sabha poll. It helped him leapfrog from the position of a chief minister (Gujarat) to that of the prime minister of the world’s largest democracy with a...
03.04.2016 - 07:02 By Tushar Charan - Syndicate Features
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India to increase the size of the health warnings on tobacco packs up to 85 percent
The government of India has decided to go ahead with its decision on increasing the size of the health warnings on tobacco packs up to 85 percent on both front and back with effect from 1st of April, 2016. Despite strong opposition from the tobacco industry and a parliamentary panel, this was possib...
02.04.2016 - 04:05 By Manjari Peiris
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T20 world cup 2016: ‘Favorite’ India collapses in Mumbai notwithstanding IPL advantages!
India plan to somehow clinch the T20 world cup this year being played in India has dismantled by a powerful West Indies. WI handed down a crushing defeat to India which was hoping to win it in the final against a friendly England which will now meet Windies in the final. India is so shocked that eve...
02.04.2016 - 03:55 By Dr. Abdul Ruff
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India and Sri Lanka signs MoU to gift 150 boats and fishing equipment to fishermen of Mullaithivu
India and Sri Lanka today signed an MOU to supply 150 boats and fishing equipment to fishermen of Mullaithivu. The MoU was signed at the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development by Mr. Y.K. Sinha, High Commissioner of India and Ms. W.M.M.R. Adikari, Secretary, Ministry of Fisheries an...
02.04.2016 - 03:34
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Has President Maithripala Sirisena got a moral right to be the chairman of the SLFP?
Maithripala Sirisena is the President of Sri Lanka today because he was elected to this high office largely by UNP voters and not voters from his own party, the SLFP. The constitutionality of his position as the Chairman of the SLFP is also in question as he was not elected by a majority of SLFP vot...
01.04.2016 - 09:04 By Raj Gonsalkorale
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Prasad Gunewardene veteran journalist passes away
He was stubborn as a mule, ate what he pleased, refused to see a doctor, take meds and get a medical checkup when it was necessary. He always said, “You’ll know what’s wrong with you only if you get a checkup, not if you don’t.” Prasad chose to be blissfully oblivious until he passed away at the age...
01.04.2016 - 08:37
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Much anticipated “Kohima Smart City” proposal has not been qualified
Kohima City, which is Capital City of Nagaland, has lost out to other Smart City aspirants this time as it has failed to meet the benchmark to be qualified for the Smart City Development. This was disclosed by R Tohanba, Parliamentary Secretary for Municipal Affairs during a Press Conference at Kohi...
01.04.2016 - 08:27 By Oken Jeet Sandham
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Burma: Suu Kyi-led government must end ethnic and religious persecution
Minority rights and freedom of religion must be placed at the heart of Burma’s first civilian-led government in over half a century, Minority Rights Group International (MRG) said today. Curbing ethnic violence in northern Burma and ending the persecution of the Rohingya minority should be at the to...
31.03.2016 - 09:11
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Discovery of Lethal Weapons in the North
Yesterday, in two separate incidents, according to Police – initially in Maruwanplo in Chavakachcheri in the morning and later at Ilupakadavai, Mannar, lethal weapons were discovered. A suicide jacket, a stock of explosives and ammunition has been recovered from a house in the Maravanpulo a...
31.03.2016 - 08:57
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India: Tamil Nadu poll scene: Congress reduced as a minor party, BJP growing nervous!
It appears, the neutral Tamil voters without party affiliations and who had earlier voted for any party just freely: either AIADMK, or DMK or Congress or BJP or some other parties in order not to waste their franchise, now seem to think favoring the newly formed PWF, making it to emerge a strong coa...
30.03.2016 - 11:10 By Dr. Abdul Ruff
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EgyptAir hijack ends with passengers freed and hijacker arrested
An EgyptAir plane flying from Alexandria to Cairo was hijacked and forced to land in Cyprus on Tuesday by a man with what authorities said was a fake suicide belt, who was arrested after giving himself up. The passengers and crew were unharmed. Eighty-one people, including 21 foreigners and 15 crew...
30.03.2016 - 10:17
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Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees went on an indefinite in Tiruchi
Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees in Tamil Nadu are continuously harassed by the State Police and those refugees were with no other options to resist the high handed acts of the Tamil Nadu Police other than to resort to fast and sit-in protest. Yet another group of 13 Sri Lankan Tamils housed in the Speci...
30.03.2016 - 10:01
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Book Review: Flickering Fortunes - A Walk down A Happy Memory Lane
Despite its opening line, “I am a ladies’ man”, perhaps intended to provoke the curiosity of the lascivious, Lakshman Ratnapala's “Flickering Fortunes,” does not consist of the ruminations of a Sri Lankan Casanova now mentally reliving his conquests while residing happily in San Fransisco with his...
30.03.2016 - 09:07 By Dr Palitha Kohona - former Foreign Secretary of Sri Lanka and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in NY. Sometime Head of the UN Treaty Section.
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Aarrested Indian Navy office admits Terror activities in Pakistan
In a joint press conference by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) head Lt Gen Asim Bajwa and Federal Information Minister Pervez Rashid on Tuesday, according to “The Dawn” a video of arrested Indian Navy officer Kulbushan Yadav was aired in which he confessed to involvement in terror activitie...
30.03.2016 - 08:39
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19 Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in Tamil Nadu, India are arriving
19 Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in Tamil Nadu, India are arriving Sri Lanka on 31st March 2016 Under the UNHCR facilitated voluntary repatriation programme. They are scheduled to arrive through Sri Lankan Airlines from Trichy. D.M.Swaminathan, Minister of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement an...
30.03.2016 - 08:25
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