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Young Students key to make Sri Lanka knowledge hub of South Asia: Mrs. Shakeel
The spouse of Pakistan’s High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, Mrs. Syeda Asghari Shakeel, said that the foundation of any successful society is based on sound education as it brings economic and social prosperity, which consequently enables them to run a modern society. She said that young students can...
24.02.2016 - 23:31
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Former President publicly asked Sirisena to take over the party and appoint officials - Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva
Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva said that he always accepts orders from the present leadership since the former President handed over party leadership to President Maithripala Sirisena. I will always support and act according to the decisions of the party, says Minister de Silva. Speaking at an...
23.02.2016 - 08:42
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Anandasangaree wants the release of the Tamil political prisoners under the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord
Secretary General-TULF has urged the Sri Lankan President Maithripala Srisena to release the Tamil political prisoners under the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord. At the time this letter urging the release of the Tamil prisoners were sent to the Sri Lankan President, Fifteen LTTE suspects detained under the...
23.02.2016 - 07:28
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Relevance Of Radio In Today’s World
Go anywhere in urban India we come across the question: Is Radio relevant in the present age of communication explosion and social media. But ask the sane question in rural areas, people tell you how radio continues to be useful in their daily life – informing, educating, entertaining and helping to...
23.02.2016 - 06:34 By Rattan Sald -Formerly Director (News), All India Radio (Syndicate Features)
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Three accused alleged of hiring Sri Lanka sniper - freed by Maldives
Three people arrested over a plot to assassinate the President of Maldives, involving a sniper brought into Maldives from Sri Lanka have been released, police announced Sunday. A police spokesperson said that the three men arrested on December 17 were released by the Criminal Court for lack of evid...
22.02.2016 - 09:54
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Sweden plans to house nearly 1,800 migrants on a luxury cruise ship
Sweden plans to house nearly 1,800 migrants on a luxury cruise ship, as it struggles to cope with its share of the huge migrant influx into Europe, officials said on Thursday. A luxury cruise ship, which spent decades crossing the waters of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, said to be en-route f...
22.02.2016 - 08:29
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(Coco)Nut Cracking: the good, the bad and the ugly
During the last two weeks, we had been witnessing a plethora of reports that said about an highly-organized – and highly-charged - event that took place at a temple in a small isle in the southern Sri Lanka, where a group of politicians and their loyalists cracked coconuts in order to invoke the wra...
21.02.2016 - 12:08 Hemantha Abeywardena observes from London…
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Areas inhabited by Tamils in Sri Lanka are the pockets of poverty - Reveals WB Study
Areas inhabited by Tamils in Sri Lanka are the pockets of poverty – the World Bank studies make this shocking revelation. The regions come under the Districts of Mannar, Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi in the Northern Province; Batticaloa in the East and plantations in Badulla District (Uva Province) and...
21.02.2016 - 08:02
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Beware Of Campus Fire!
It will be a mistake to underestimate the consequences of the firmament that is being witnessed on campuses and educational institutes and institutions in many parts of the country. Tension is rising as a result of frequent clashes between students and authorities. Perhaps the loudest and more lasti...
21.02.2016 - 07:52 By Atul Cowshish - Syndicate Features
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Lanka and Austria to work closely together to benefit from changes taking place in Sri Lanka
Lanka and Austria is expected to work closely together to ensure that both countries benefit from the changes that are taking place in Sri Lanka and from the peace dividend, disclosed Sri Lanka President Maithripala Srisena. In a media statement delivered by President Maithripala Srisena following...
21.02.2016 - 06:41
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First Young Global Leaders event in Sri Lanka
For the first time in Sri Lanka, Young Global Leaders event of the World Economic Forum was held from 16-18th February 2016. The event was a great success according to the participants. There were thirty Young Global Leaders who participated from South Asian countries for this event, the “South Asi...
21.02.2016 - 06:07
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Shirani Bandaranayake: Former Chief Justice Acquitted And Released
Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya yesterday ordered the release of former CJ Shirani Bandaranayake from a case filed against her by the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption for failure to accurately declare her assets and liabilities . The Defence had argued that...
20.02.2016 - 10:15
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Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered news media to focus on "positive reporting”
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday ordered news media run by the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese government to strictly follow the Party's leadership and focus on "positive reporting." Speaking in a symposium Friday afternoon after touring China's three leading news providers, the...
20.02.2016 - 09:32
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Pathfinder Foundation Joins Quad Plus Dialogue
The Pathfinder Foundation (PF) joined the Quad-Plus forum; comprising Australia, India, Japan and the United States of America, which held its third, round in Jaipur, India, the capital of Rajasthan. In 2013, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (Australia), the Heritage Foundation (USA), the...
19.02.2016 - 07:47
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Lamudi Sri Lanka explores how the real estate market in Colombo has changed
When it comes to searching for real estate, Colombo is the most popular area in Sri Lanka for property-seekers. According to Lamudi Sri Lanka, more than 70 percent of website searches are for property in the country’s commercial capital. Property demand in Colombo has risen in recent years, with p...
19.02.2016 - 07:00
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It is the same story again of the Government Schools
Again, as usual, I have seen a story with a photograph in "The Morung Express" - February 16 Edition. "No textbooks, no classes" ran the lead story. The picture of Government Primary School, Mezoma was given as locked because of the non-availability of textbooks meant for teaching the students. I a...
19.02.2016 - 06:53 By Oken Jeet Sandham
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Open for Business: U.S. Assists Sri Lanka Customs to Develop Trade Potential
Legal experts from the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Customs and Border Protection collaborated with 20 senior officials from Sri Lanka Customs in Colombo last week on reforming customs procedures to enhance trade. The effort seeks to improve efficiency and transparency for businesses, allow...
18.02.2016 - 07:17
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Sri Lanka has become a Party to the Protocol to eliminate the Illicit Trade of Tobacco Products
It is most welcoming and glad to hear that Sri Lanka has ratified the World Health Organization – FCTC Protocol to eliminate the Illicit Trade of Tobacco Products which is effective from February 2016. Already 15 Parties have ratified this important protocol. The illicit trade in tobacco products...
18.02.2016 - 06:59 By Manjari Peiris
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Racial Slur On India
There was a countrywide uproar in India when about five years ago following a series of ‘racial’ attacks on Indian youth in Australia. The outrage in India is equally strong when there are reports of attacks on people of Indian origin or Indian nationals living in the US. Some of these attacks resul...
18.02.2016 - 06:48 By Atul Cowshish - Syndicate Features
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Existence of two active and legally binding constitutions in Sri Lanka pointed out
It has been pointed of the existence of two constitutions at present and both of them are effective legal. “As one country, two nations, do you know we have the luxury of having two constitutions – of which one is active, whilst other is dormant, however it is legally effective?” Yesterday, K.T.Ra...
18.02.2016 - 12:58
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