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Nigerians got a wise change!
At last a sigh of relief for the unlucky Nigerians by freeing themselves from the grip of Goodluck Jonathan. Although he hoped to be reelected, his chances were found to be remote well ahead of the election, because of the new regulations made rigging very hard and impossible. His failure to contro...
05.04.2015 - 08:25 By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh
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Easter stands out as the most important celebration for Christians, as it marks the conquest of death
As Easter revives the Christian spirit, which contributes to achieving social justice and reconciliation, it also gives an important lesson for our own advancement as a nation, said Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena in his Easter message. Easter stands out as the most important celebration f...
05.04.2015 - 07:18
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UNDP Regional Director arrives in Sri Lanka on a week-long visit
Mr. Haoliang Xu, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General, Chair, United Nations Development Group Asia-Pacific and UNDP Assistant Administrator & Director, Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific arrived in the island yesterday for a 6 day visit. Upon arrival, Mr. Xu stated “My second visit...
05.04.2015 - 07:09
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Letter from America: Can Bangladesh’s politicians learn to walk their talk?
On March 26 the Bangladeshi community in Philadelphia celebrated the Independence Day to commemorate the country's declaration of independence from Pakistan in the late hours of 25 March 1971 by the "Father of the Nation" Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman before he was arrested by Pakistani forces....
05.04.2015 - 06:54 By Dr. Habib Siddiqui
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Echoes of April 5
April is the month when flowers bloom in Nuwara Eliya. It has also been a month when guns boomed and bombs exploded and of ‘revolution.’ All of them occurred on a 5th of April within a span of 29 years. The first of these was the Japanese air raid over Colombo in 1942 followed by the air raid ov...
05.04.2015 - 06:48 By Janaka Perera
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Whose advising the Forces now?
A fearless President with his Tri Services Commanders, led Sri Lanka to victory after 26 years of terror on 19 May 2009.In the face of daunting adversity, he never gave up. The cost was about 100,000 lives of troops, civilians and terrorists. Complete peace reigned thereafter. While massive, unpre...
04.04.2015 - 22:13 By 'A Patabendi'
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Modi strengthens ties with Indian Ocean neighbours
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his foreign policy initiatives to establish India’s strategic presence in the Indian Ocean with a five-day (March 10-14) visit to three littoral states - Seychelles, Mauritius, and Sri Lanka, all former British colonies. Modi’s stated objective was to st...
04.04.2015 - 08:48 by Ramtanu Maitra -
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‘EU trade region very significant to Sri Lanka’-EDB
As a single economic region, EU is very significant for Sri Lanka. The Government of Sri Lanka is making arrangements to participate at the universal exposition “Expo Milano 2015”. The event is organised under the auspices of Ministry of Industry & Commerce with fully pledged assistance and co-o...
03.04.2015 - 07:42
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What is Sri Lanka’ Destiny ?
Our Beautiful country was redeemed, with the greatest of difficulties, from the vestiges of imminent devastation, murder, plunder and pillage. Narcissists, who supported the previous presidency for their personal advantages, are now feeling the pinch of their aggrandizement and their inability to...
03.04.2015 - 07:33 By S. A. Zulkifli
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Are Sri Lankans ready for Good Governance?
When two Sri Lankans meet nowadays good governance is the topic tossed around. Also, it is the issue on which the new President Maithripala Sirisena was elected. It also implies that people were not happy with the way they were being governed. Good governance is about making sure that exercising...
02.04.2015 - 17:45 By Dr.M.A.Mohamed Saleem - Honorary President and Chief executive Officer of SWARAJYA foundation
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A Second Look at the Pareto Principle
Vilfredo Pareto (1848 – 1923) was an Italian civil engineer who became more famous as an economist, political scientist and philosopher. He gave the world what we call the 'Pareto Principle'. At the University of Lausanne, Switzerland he published his first paper "Cours d'économie politique" in 1896...
02.04.2015 - 09:18 By Habib Siddiqui
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EU considers GSP+ and lifting of fish products ban
Expressing deep appreciation over the new government’s policies on improving human rights and strengthening democratic institutions, European Union Ambassador to Sri Lanka David Daly said the EU is seriously reevaluating the Sri Lanka’s request to grant the GSP+ concession once again for Sri Lanka e...
02.04.2015 - 08:35
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Taking Stock: Skewed priorities of the government's budget
Skewed Priorities of the government: Write-off in customs duty on gold, diamond and jewellery is about twice the cut in total budget for health, education, women and child development, drinking water and sanitation The 2015-16 Budget and the Statement of Revenue Impact of Tax Incentives in 2014-15...
02.04.2015 - 08:15 Dr Rahul Pandey, Citizen News Service (CNS)
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Red Dawn for Lankan manufacturing
Stressing that historic Sino-Lanka relations are a model to be followed, China has signalled its keenness to develop Sri Lanka’s manufacturing sector by introducing its famed city focused Special Economic Zone Model (SEZM) to coastal centres here-and extending its direct partnership, China also hint...
01.04.2015 - 22:09
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Indian parliamentarian doubts if tobacco kills! Do not reinvent the wheel
Indian parliamentarian who is chairing the committee which told the government not to implement stronger pictorial graphic health warnings on tobacco packs (and raise the warning size from 40% to 85%) from 1st April 2015, casted doubts whether tobacco causes cancer. India is at risk of reversing the...
01.04.2015 - 11:25 By Bobby Ramakant, Citizen News Service (CNS)
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Joint Celebration - ‘Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation Day and the ‘International Students Day’
annual get-together of the ITEC alumni and Sri Lankan students who studied in India under various scholarship schemes of the Government of India was held on Monday, March 30, 2015, at Hotel Taj Samudra. Dr Sarath Amunugama, Minister of Higher Education and Research, Government of Sri Lanka, graced t...
01.04.2015 - 08:35
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Conspiracy’ to Push India into Dark Ages
It is bad enough that while on the political front ‘fringe elements’ are being given freedom to tout their divisive and hate agenda, in the sport arena both the traditional (print) and the ‘new’ (electronic and social) media are on an overdrive to convert Indian sports-lovers, especially cricketers,...
01.04.2015 - 08:18 By Atul Cowshis - Syndicate Features
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Sri Lanka exports revving for this year’s historic Milano blitz
Sri Lanka has promptly moved on 26 March to leverage a universal global expo series whose history extends back to 1851 in London to hold its exports edge-and also vowed to showcase its exports diversification strength at the latest exposition in the series coming up in Milano, Italy this May. “We...
31.03.2015 - 09:31
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Patton appeals to YTC leaders to attend “Tripartite Talk”
Nagaland Home Minister Y Patton said the upcoming “Tripartite Talk” to be held on April 7 at Kohima would be crucial as it was to find amicable and lasting solution to the “Chang and Yimchunger” issues. Addressing a huge crowd here at Shamator HQ, under Tuensang district Monday, the Minister appea...
31.03.2015 - 08:48
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Former Strongman Basil Faces Imminent Threat of Arrest at the Airport
Former strongman and one of the siblings of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa faces imminent threat of being arrested at the Katunayake International Airport, no sooner he lands. Basil Rajapaksa, the former Economic Development Minister is wanted by the Police to record a statement over alleged m...
31.03.2015 - 08:01
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