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China’s expulsion of French journalist underpins her repressive Uyghur policy
As I have noted a few times before China is in the denial process, very much like Myanmar. Just as in Myanmar (former Burma) the Buddhist people - from top to bottom - are in the denial of their Rohingya population (an indigenous people who has lived in the northwestern part of the country bordering...
30.12.2015 - 07:05 By Habib Siddiqui
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Prabhu Dayal serves hot Karachi Halwa
'Why would Zia want to climb five floors of a hotel? Why did someone think Zia could fix his TV? Was Zia practicing Urine therapy? What did Christopher Lee and Alyque Padamsee have in common? Ambassador Prabhu Dayal who had a very highly successful diplomatic career as Indian Consul General in New...
29.12.2015 - 18:37
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Personal Diplomacy in Indo-Pak Relationship
Indian Prime Minister Modi landed at Lahore airport on 25th December, 2015, went to Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif’s home and exchanged gifts. Mr. Modi also greeted him a happy birthday and wishes for his granddaughter, whose wedding ceremony was due that day. It was totally impromptu visit...
29.12.2015 - 06:40 By Zaheerul Hassan
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Pakistan: a story of hope & resilience
We live in a connected world, a world that stands duly integrated. The air we breathe, the policies we make, the wars we unleash and the peace we pursue, everything is intertwined in an inextricable manner. This is a reality that we all face from climate change issues to under-nourished children, ev...
28.12.2015 - 17:01 By Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif
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Rajnath received huge Christmas Cake on Xmas Day from Khongwang
Union Minister for Home Rajnath Singh has happily received the Christmas Cake given by senior Nagaland BJP leader, T Khongwang Konyak, here. The Nagaland BJP leader, accompanied by T Methna Konyak, Nagaland State BJP Council Member, visited the Union Home Minister at his official residence on the...
28.12.2015 - 08:14 By Oken Jeet Sandham
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Three arrested over assassination plot on Maldivian President
Three people have been arrested over a recent assassination plot on the Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom that involved a sniper brought into Maldives from Sri Lanka, police announced Sunday. A police spokesperson said the three were taken into custody on December 17. They have been r...
28.12.2015 - 08:06
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Letter from America: The Assassination of Alloush
Russia has done it again. This time it is in Syria. Last Friday Putin's missiles have killed the leader of the opposition fighting the regime of the mass murderer, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a network with wide contacts inside Syria, said aircra...
27.12.2015 - 11:48 By Dr. Habib Siddiqui
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Boxing Day Floods Cause Disasters in Northern Britain
The disastrous floods that started causing havoc in the north of England on the Boxing Day show no sign of abating, according to the weather forecasters. In Lancashire and Yorkshire, the regions worst hit by the deluge, there are already two red flood alerts in place – the highest warning that impli...
27.12.2015 - 07:18 Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London…
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Despite promise to end Encephalitis and other NTDs by 2030, why is action missing?
Indian government along with other governments of UN member countries had adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the 70th UN General Assembly in New York in September 2015. One of the SDG targets (3.3) promises that "By 2030, end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and neglecte...
27.12.2015 - 07:03 By Dr GK Singh and Dr CM Singh, Citizen News Service (CNS) Columnists
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‘Show us, Lord, your mercy, and grant us your salvation’- Pope Francis in his homily for Christmas Mass
"Today, the Son of God is born, and everything changes. The Saviour of the world comes to partake of our human nature; no longer are we alone and forsaken.” Those were the words of Pope Francis in his homily for Christmas Mass “During the Night,” celebrated in St Peter’s Basilica. There is no roo...
26.12.2015 - 07:37
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Hypocrisy a la American style!
By now you probably heard about the entire hullabaloo about a cartoon in which the Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz appeared with his two daughters. The cartoon appeared in the Washington Post and then was pulled out shortly thereafter. Ann Telnaes, a Post cartoonist, drew an animation of t...
28.12.2015 - 16:37 By Dr. Habib Siddiqui
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The birth of Jesus Christ paved the way for the liberation of humankind
The birth of Jesus Christ paved the way for the liberation of humankind with the new teaching of universal love, tolerance and understanding that he gave to the world. President Maithripala Sirisena, in his Christmas message, urged Sri Lankans to reach out today to people who were affected durin...
25.12.2015 - 09:26
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Jinnah's Birthday to be celebrated on 25th December
Pakistanis all over the world will celebrate the 139th birthday of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on 25th December 2015 with great vigor and fervent. Cadets from Pakistan military academy Kakul will mount the ceremonial guard duty at the Mausoleum of the father of nation. The day will start with...
25.12.2015 - 07:40
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The cricketer who was reluctant to pollute the air!
‘Baked beans’ is a dish containing beans, sometimes baked but despite the name usually stewed in sauce. It is a favorite breakfast in many parts of Europe and in America. Canned baked beans are used as convenience food. They may be eaten hot or cold straight from the can as they are already cooke...
24.12.2015 - 15:15 By S.H.Moulana
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Saudi Government Spared the Life of Sri Lankan Housemaid to be Stoned to Death for Adultery
The Government of Saudi Arabia had decided spare the Life of Sri Lankan housemaid who was to be stoned to death for committing adultery. Saudi Arabia has decided not to carry out the death sentence on the Sri Lankan housemaid who was to be stoned to death for adultery, and to imprison her inste...
24.12.2015 - 12:04
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AAPI-QLI donates $10 K to Chennai floods
American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) QLI donated $10,000 towards flood relief in Chennai at a fund raiser “Chennai – we are with you” organized by America Tamil Sangam in Antun in Long Island New York past Sunday. According to Dr Madhu Korrapati, President of AAPI-QLI, Chenna...
23.12.2015 - 13:04
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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Undeserving of “Cancer Gold Standard” Because of Its Global Lobbying for Big Tobacco
The President of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Matthew L. Meyers, issuing a statement says that it is incomprehensible that the US Chamber of Commerce has been recognized by the CEO Roundtable on Cancer for its efforts against cancer when the Chamber has helped the tobacco industry fight life-savi...
23.12.2015 - 12:27 By Manjari Peiris
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Smoke-free legislation in Hong Kong saves lives
A recent study published in the journal BMJ measured changes in death rates due to cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and other causes after Hong Kong implemented a smoke-free law, reveals that in the five years following implementation of Hong Kong’s smoke-free law, there were fewer death...
22.12.2015 - 10:14 By Manjari Peiris
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First national drive launched to move Lankan Facebook gen to profit-making
The door for the Lankan youth to move towards a much needed entrepreneurial culture has opened on 21 December when the national SME giant launched a pioneering initiative aimed at the youth of the country in partnership with ILO. The “Entrepreneurial Reawakening” in Colombo by National Enterprise De...
22.12.2015 - 08:35
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Active and passive smoking linked to infertility and earlier menopause
A large study published online in the journal Tobacco Control finds that highest levels of tobacco exposure of both active and passive smoking are linked to infertility problems and a hastening of the natural menopause before the age of 50. The highest levels of tobacco exposure were associated w...
21.12.2015 - 07:14 By Manjari Peiris
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