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Modi set out now for world stage
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will set out for the world stage later this week with a stopover in Frankfurt and New York followed by Washington. His main engagement in Big Apple will be address to the UN General Assembly on Sept 26 and the occasion will mark interaction with several leaders. Like th...
22.09.2014 - 14:11 By Malladi Rama Rao
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A decision from the past comes to haunt Chidambaram
A decision from the past when he was India’s finance minister has surfaced to haunt Palaniappan Chidambaram as India’s premier investigating agency, CBI becomes the proverbial bull in a China shop. The case has acquired added political flavour as it involves the Maran brothers, who have fallen on ba...
22.09.2014 - 10:08 By Malladi Rama Rao
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Full implementation of the 13th Amendment in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka requires mutual trust and patience
Notwithstanding whether the model suitable for political devolution in Sri Lanka is what is contained in the 13th Amendment to the 1978 constitution, if it’s proponents wish it to be fully implemented, there is one essential ingredient that is needed to make it happen, and which is either not there...
22.09.2014 - 10:02 By Raj Gonsalkorale
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Saradha chit fund scam: Nalini Chidambaram “examined”.
Nalini Chidambaram, noted attorney and wife of former finance minister P Chidambaram, has been “questioned” by sleuths of Central Bureau of Investigation, India’s premier probe body in connection with the Saradha chit fund scam that has rocked West Bengal, Orissa and Assam, and threatening the cr...
22.09.2014 - 08:00 By Malladi Rama Rao
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Should India Sacrifice Agriculture For Trade?
Well, any right-minded person would say NO. But the global, as well as the local media, has castigated India for not ratifying the Protocol of Amendment for the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) at the recent World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations in Geneva in July 2014, and for linking it to...
22.09.2014 - 07:49 By Shobha Shukla, Citizen News Service (CNS)
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Mahinda Rajapaksa wins UVA for the UPFA
The general consensus among many Sri Lankan analysts is that President Mahinda Rajapaksa rather than his political grouping the UPFA or his ministers and MPs and provincial council candidates won the closely contested election in the UVA province. Reportedly, the residents of both Badulla and Moner...
21.09.2014 - 15:22 By A Special Correspondent
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Uva set tone for combative third term bid by President
A doggedly no holds barred presidential election seemed in the works following the UPFA’s win in Uva. President Rajapaksa would most likely seek an unprecedented third term in 2015. The Opposition seemed buoyed by a surge of votes compared to 2009, but failed in the attempt to delegitimize the presi...
21.09.2014 - 12:14 By Philip Fernando
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Badulla District Goes to UPFA with win in 9 seats
The UPFA has won in the Badulla District securing 9 seats. The party has received 209,056 votes. The main opposition party, the UNP has won 8 seats with 197,708 votes. The results are as follows: United People's Freedom Alliance 209,056 47.37% 9 seats United National Party 197,708 44.79...
21.09.2014 - 08:09
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Google Bashing
Google’s troubles with European regulators do not seem to be abating, just as the search giant has been honoring the ruling made by the European Court of Justice – ECJ - over the issue of so-called right-to-be forgotten. It is no secret who are at the forefront in launching attacks against Google:...
21.09.2014 - 15:05 Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London…
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Ruling UPFA in Early Lead in Uva Provincial Council Elections
An early election results of the Uva Provincial Council's polls shows that the ruling UPFA has taken an early lead. Early postal votes and electoral results predicted another victory for the ruling UPFA. At the time of posting, out of the 32 Provincial electorates in the Uva Province, in both...
21.09.2014 - 07:25
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Letter from America: Western Invaders were no liberators – 2
Nearly 200,000 civilians have died in the Syrian conflict. The world community has watched the tragedy unfold in front of its eyes and let the massacre of unarmed civilians happen unbridled. Even when it was obvious that Syria’s ruthless murderer President Bashar al-Assad had used chemical weapons a...
21.09.2014 - 07:20 By Dr. Habib Siddiqui
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Research to the rescue of disaster management
For management of disasters and humanitarian crises, doing something is not enough—but doing the right thing at the right time is. Decision-makers need to know which intervention, actions and strategies would work, which would not work, which remain unproven and which no matter how well-meaning mig...
21.09.2014 - 06:48 By Shobha Shukla and Bobby Ramakant, Citizen News Service - CNS
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Sri Lanka starts work on global consumer compliance
Sri Lanka has begun compliance work on the global consumer end of its exports basket on 18 September. And no less than two top experts from Geneva’s WTO are in town to facilitate the pioneering effort. “Today, more countries around the world continue to reduce their border tariffs, either unilater...
21.09.2014 - 06:43
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President Mahinda Rajapaksa visited Sendil Thondaman, at the Colombo National Hospital
President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday visited Sendil Thondaman, at the Colombo National Hospital, who suffered injuries following a road accident in Bandarawela. The medical condition of of Senthil Thondaman is now stable, according to a spokesperson from the hospital. Minister Douglas Devanan...
21.09.2014 - 06:18
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Voting today at the UVA Provincial Council Polls
About 690,966 voters in the Badulla District and 323,764 in the Moneragala District were eligible to exercise their franchise at today at the Uva Provincial Council elections to elect 32 councilors. There are 617 candidates from Moneragala and Badulla Districts vying for 32 seats in the Uva Provinci...
20.09.2014 - 09:09
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The wonders Sir John’s egg-hoppers could do!
It is a well-known fact that Sri Lanka’s (Ceylon’s) third prime-minister, Sir John Kotelawala,- 1953-1956- was extremely fond of egg-hoppers with which he used to entertain his cabinet ministers at the weekly meetings at his residence at Kandawala. He settled many an issue or disagreement he had...
20.09.2014 - 07:59 By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh
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Presentation of Crafts Map of Sri Lanka to His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa
The first copy of a Crafts Map Of Sri Lanka was presented to President Mahinda Rajapaksa by Mr. Buddhi Keerthisena, Chairman of the National Crafts Council of Sri Lanka in the presence of Hon’ble Douglas Devananda, Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development of Sri Lanka, an...
20.09.2014 - 07:51
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Indian scientists developing a diagnostic algorithm for female genital TB
Genital tuberculosis (TB) is one of the major causes of tubal infertility. Some studies show that only two per cent of women with genital TB have live births. Genital TB is usually asymptomatic so needs higher degree of clinical suspicion so that accurate and confirmed diagnosis of TB can be made an...
20.09.2014 - 07:38 Bobby Ramakant, Citizen News Service (CNS)
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Asia’s hi-tech powerhouse officially calls Lankan IT for the first time
Sri Lanka’s IT & hi-tech sector has been suddenly energised as it received the first ever top level official invitation from Asia’s hi-tech power, as revealed on 04 September in Colombo. “After our own research on many Lankan business sectors, we identified Lankan ICT/BPO sector, among others, a...
20.09.2014 - 06:58
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Modi-Jinping summit in Delhi, face off in Himalayas
Meeting at a time when there was the “usual” face off at the border, Indian Prime Minister Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping gave the go ahead to deepening of economic ties between the two Asian giants. The Chinese leader promised an investment of some $20 billion over the next five years into...
20.09.2014 - 06:43 By Malladi Rama Rao
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