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Stop purchasing Indian made goods and Sri Lankan Cricketers should not participate in the Indian IPL cricket Tourney

By K.T.Rajasingham
Colombo, 23 March, (

India voting with the American sponsored resolution was described - back stabbing and an appeal too has been extended - Sri Lankan cricketers to boycott India’s IPL Cricket matches, scheduled to start on 4th April.

Mr. Mubarak Abdul Jameel, Propaganda Secretary of All Ceylon Muslim Congress, when speaking to Asian Tribune said India has back stabbed Sri Lanka by voting in favor of the American sponsored resolution on Thursday at the 19th session of UN Human Rights Conference held in Geneva.

They waited and made the belated announcement just four days before the debate on the resolution was to be taken up for discussion, as a deceptive measure to exert pressure on Sri Lanka.

It was Sri Lanka that fought the war against Prabhakaran and his terrorist outfit LTTE to prevent the ruthless terrorist organization infiltrating into Tamil Nadu and promote dissension, division and separation.

But India has failed to show gratitude to Sri Lanka and has fallen into the DMK plot which is waiting for an opportune moment to declare Tamil Nadu a separate state.

If India would have made its announcement in the beginning that it will vote in favor of the American sponsored resolution, it would have been easy for Sri Lanka to lobby for the support of other countries. It is said that due to the last minute announcement of India’s position, it has caused the votes one or two countries, as well as one or two abstention.

Mr. Mubarak Abdul Jameel speaking to Asian Tribune further said that Sri Lanka President Mahind Rajapaksa had trust and confidence in the friendship with India, but India has proved otherwise.

Therefore it is high time for every Sri Lankan to reconsider Sri Lanka’s relationship with India.

Sri Lankans should come forward to stop buying Indian made products. Government Sri Lanka must come forward to ban the imports of Tamil cinema films and all Tamil magazines and newspapers.

On top of it all, the patriotic Sri Lankan Cricketers must decide not to participate in the forthcoming Indian IPL Cricket tourney.

- Asian Tribune –

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