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News reaching Lankan expatriates is not good….

S.H.Moulana -Riyadh

Sri Lankan expatriates in the gulf are really saddened by the news flashed on the electronic and print media abroad. The first sad news to reach them was the impeachment of the Chief Justice of the island nation, who was the first ever lady to hold that position.

All that joy and glory vanished in the thin air with the impeachment news.

The interference in the judiciary is being interpreted in various ways. There have been enough adverse comments in the foreign press. This was followed by the 2013 budget which was called by one of the leading Lankan daily as ‘Lamborghini Vs. Badagini’- meaning hunger.

The reason for this being tax relief for import of cars but increase in price of essential food items like bread and milk.

To top all these bad news came the revolt at Welikada prison like the icing on the cake.

There have been numerous reports about the overcrowding at Welikada prison, none was concerned but time and money were spent in building new cricket grounds and harbour, neglecting the most needed one.

4000 inmates were packed in a place hardly enough for 2000 inmates, the same way bread and milk were ignored in preference to luxury cars.

There were 27 deaths and scores injured at Welikada prison clash. It is once again government’s good fortune that General Sarath Fonseka was not an occupant at the time of the revolt.

Imagine had he been a victim by any chance, we will be reading a conspiracy theory in the foreign press and the UN might get involved in a high level inquiry.

Nothing looks rosy at home for Lankans working abroad. We hope that the president will give some serious thought to cheer up the disturbed Lankan expatriates who are starving for good news, while earning valuable foreign exchange for the motherland.

God bless Sri Lanka!

- Asian Tribune -

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