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The show goes on!

S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

We thought the most touching show on earth, a Saudi animal lover feeding the pigeons and the cats, in Riyadh, will come to a close since the feeding area he has chosen has become a construction site.

The current construction boom in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not spared any bare land in the cities.

However, this human being with the ‘never say die’ attitude relocated the feeding place to a safer area which will not have, we hope, the threat of diggers or bulldozers, at least in the near future.

Although the gentleman is now slightly handicapped with a problem in his leg, he is still keeping up with his schedule of feeding, being assisted by two maids. It seems that nothing can diminish his passion for feeding the combination of pigeons and cats.

Fresh milk for the cats and grains for the pigeons. The UN declaration of ‘animal day’ is just a symbolic gesture, when compared to this true animal lover, who devotes his time, energy and money, 365 days of the year, to satisfy the thirst and the hunger of the innocent animals, which cannot express their need.

Although we have to strain our neck a bit more from our kitchen window, unlike before, to have a fair view of the continued show, we do not mind it any way!

The love these animals show him in return for his kindness towards them is really amazing. We never get tired seeing this every morning and evening.

One got to see to believe this.

May God bless this true lover of animals for all his good deeds!

- Asian Tribune -

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