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The United States of Mexico to just ‘Mexico’, then why not Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka to just ‘Sri Lanka’!

S.H.Moulana - Riyadh.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has sent a bill to congress to change the official name of the country. The current name the United States of Mexico, was adopted in 1824 and was intended to emulate its northern neighbor. President Calderon wants to change it to just Mexico, as the country is known the world over. Calderon, who leaves office on 1 December, said Mexico no longer needed to copy any foreign power.

‘The name of our country no longer needs to emulate that of other nations,’ Calderon told a news conference. ‘Forgive me for the expression, but Mexico’s name is Mexico’.

Why don’t we follow the example of Mexico and call our country just Sri Lanka instead of calling it ‘Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka’ which runs from one end of the passport to the other. The time we adopted this name was the time the ‘mantra’ socialism was very much in fashion. Also it was a vote catching phrase for politicians.

We copied it then from North Korea, Soviet Union and China; ‘The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’ etc .– but what kind of democracy one could find there? But we have a vibrant democracy in our country and we need not emphasize that by including it in our name and in these days of the existence of ‘free market’ the word ‘socialism’ looks little outdated.

So, let us call our country just ‘Sri Lanka’ by reducing the 34 letter long name to a mere 8 letter beautiful name, in all our official and unofficial dealings.

We don’t want our beautiful country like ours to be called with old monotonous phrases; it is Sri Lanka for all of us!

- Asian Tribune -

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