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Loopholes in Vikatan interview of LTTE woman reduced to a sex worker

By Visuwasan

This is in reference to the Ananada Vikatan magazine “interview” of a former LTTE women wing leader, who has now been reduced to a sex worker in Sri Lanka.

The woman has “revealed” instances of troops raping detained women in camps including a minister without any substantiation. The feature published in November seems significantly times. The so-called interview was taken in Yashpanam by one Arun Iniyan, according to Vikatan.

The fact is many belonging to former LTTE cadre have been released. But thewoman mentioned in the interview has not been freed. Reason—the Sodia woman unit leader must be at a rehab centre or indulging in espionage activities. For over 10 years since 1995 she had been part of the movement and detained in Jayachkuru camp. While many women fighters have not been freed, it is surprising that a person who was a leader, had been released.

In the interview there is reference to an attack by Sri Lanka planes on a church in which many had taken refuge. It is not clear how many actually died. The interviwed fighter says she lost her mother and brother. The figure of 125 is surprisingly the figure mentioned by Wikipedia, Actually 147 had died in the bombing. How come 125 is quoted as toll which is same as Wikipedia?

As one who has met many former fighters, especially in rehab camps, this writer has one more question. Those held in Menik farms were first taken to Bambai Madu, Vellikananda, Poosa or Vellikarai. A few of the injured were taken to Anuradhapuram hospital. In that place, it was more of an Air Force camp than an Army camp. No one claimed being interrogated at Anuradhapura. In fact, it was more for political prisoners. Only those against whom proceedings were completed or waiting for punishment were there.

The prison riot seems mor imaginary on the part of the former fighter. There are many loopholes in the article regarding the Ananthapuram attack. The Sodha fighter claims a toll of 700 whereas the actual figure is 525. The use of chemical weapons is a big lie.

A secret known to the LTTE cadre was the army adopting a box-type formation to encircle thousands of Tigers, including chief V. Prabhakaran who had to escape desperately under the cover of fighters led by Deepan wo sacrificed their lives. The woman shouldhave been aware of it.

Though many are being freed now, they are under watch by Lanka authorities. Checks are being done before they are released and also watched to check any nefarious activities. Many of the women fighters are close to each other. So one who had been in Vanni for over 10 years and get respected must be quite aware how her statements would affect fellow women. One woman had become a human bomb for the Eelam cause. Was the woman least concerned about the damage she had done to Tamils’ cause by her alleged revelations? The incidents of mass rape hardly does anything to evoke sympathy for the women cadre. If she was genuine, she would certainly know.

But a film-like script with an imaginary story will have caused damage to the character of thousands of women fighters still alive. But the magazine seems least concerned about the negative impact of the story, high on emotions but low on facts.

- Asian Tribune -

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