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William Hague’s hypocrisy

S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

Douglas_Alexander.jpgWhen the Palestinians were being mauled by Israel, in Gaza, the British foreign secretary, William Hague kept on blaming Hamas but not a word about Zionist state’s brutality in killing scores of innocent civilians, one third whom were children. Israel now arrogantly claim that its targets were perfect and there is no mistake – meaning even the toddlers killed are all ‘terrorists’ in its terms.

Now the moment of truth for Palestinians is in the UN and William Hague is once again refusing to vote to recognize a Palestinian state. In all indications that he will abstain from voting, while a vast majority of members will vote for the recognition, including a good number of EU countries, which have already pledged their support openly.

In the meantime, we praise the straightforwardness and the courage of the British shadow foreign secretary, Douglas Alexander who argued ‘that it was unreasonable to expect the Palestinians make an unconditional commitment to resume talks while the Israelis were still building settlements on the West Bank, which are deemed illegal under international law.

Statehood for the Palestinians is not a gift to be given but a right to acknowledged’. He also said ‘if the United Kingdom abstains it will not be a measure of our growing influence, it will be confirmation of our growing irrelevance to meaningful engagement in the search for peace.

Abstention during this crucial vote would be an abdication of Britain’s responsibilities.

Bravo Douglas Alexander, for speaking out the truth without any fear of intimidation from powerful countries!

We need many more gentlemen like this British shadow foreign secretary, to see an end to the Palestinian sufferings!

- Asian Tribune -

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