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The 'so called saviors' of human rights!

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

Sun_Sadam_Underpant.jpgIt has been revealed that ‘The Sun’ publication made illegal payment to US serviceman to obtain Saddam’s picture while in US captivity.

British Labour MP, Chris Bryant has told the House of Commons that the Sun newspaper has paid a substantial sum for the picture of the Iraqi dictator only in his under-pant while he was an American prisoner of war.

This picture, many will remember, appeared on the front page of the Sun magazine, with the caption ‘Inside Saddam cell’.

In the meantime we also remember how George Bush was screaming with fury for showing some of the captured US soldiers in the Iraqi TV during the invasion, of course fully clothed and not in under-pants like Saddam- in proper US army uniform- quoting it as a ‘violation of Geneva convention’.

All these conventions and even the International Criminal Courts in The Hague are, disgustingly, meant only for weaker countries and not for those high and mighty countries or their close allies, who are the actual abusers of human rights, if not the worst abusers in the world.

However, it is on record that George Bush ordered an inquiry into the publication of this infamous picture of Saddam in under-pant, but until now nothing came out of it. The issue was buried alive as much as the fate of the deposed Saddam!

In another development, readers would remember how shamelessly 'Great' Britain was demanding Palestinian Authority to give and undertaking saying that it will not take Israel to ICC, in case it violates any human rights or commits war crimes, if at all it requires its vote for Palestinian statehood in the UN.

Finally, we saw how Britain lost its 'Greatness' by cowardly abstaining from voting while 138 member countries, courageously and bravely, voted for the motion. There is another country which is now threatening to boycott the oncoming Commonwealth meeting in Colombo, on the issue of human rights, is Canada. This country, as we all know, is the 'yes sir!' 'no sir!' country of the US.

Leaving the US and Israel there were 7 other votes against the motion and all of them were from US's satellite countries, including Canada, which is now threatening Sri Lanka of a boycott now! Isn't it amazing?

These are the countries which boasting themselves as saviors of human rights in the world!

- Asian Tribune -

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