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NRA's arrogance

By SH.Moulana - Riyadh

While the entire American nation is observing two minute silence in memory of those victims of the attack on 14 December, in Newtown, in which 28 lives lost including the gunman, the National Rifle Association is going on offensive, suggesting to put armed police in every US schools.

This is something not seen in any part of the world! These NRA people are not familiar with the concept of escalation and not aware of what is being reported in the media. Adam Lanza was wearing a bulletproof vest.

He was carrying a military-style assault rifle and according to the police he had hundreds of bullets in high-capacity magazines, as well as two hand guns.

The weapons were legally purchased and registered to his mother, Nancy, his first victim. The Colorado movie shooter was dressed in full body armour with a helmet.

What is an armed guard going to do about that, as suggested by NRA, to guard schools?

These sick disturbed young men are planning these assaults with a military level of detail and foresight. They are able to account for armed opposition. They will be able to concoct a plan to take out any armed guards who might be around. That would probably be part of the fun for them.

The other important point is that these shooters never plan to survive the shooting. They plan to die. So an armed guard is not going to be a deterrent to that psychology. It might even encourage the shooters, since they know it will be a battle to the death.

More guns are not the answer. Americans should not turn their schools into armed camps because to these kinds of shooter personalities, that will not serve as a deterrent. It will serve as a temptation instead. What a pathetic and ridiculous response from the NRA.

And now one wonders that what type of gun a security at school should carry to counter the shooter’s highly sophisticated gun he carries! In short it is not ‘more guns ‘ but ‘no guns’ is the real answer.

- Asian Tribune -

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