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A message with a hidden agenda

S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

Normally greetings on an important occasion consist of good wishes and free from dirty politics. Israeli prime-minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Christmas greeting is made up of radicalization of communities living in peace and harmony.

In his greeting posted on ‘You Tube’ he says that Christians in the Middle East are under existential threat.

In his message to Christians in Israel and worldwide he is trying to politicize his ‘Christmas greeting’ into an attack on Muslims and Arabs.

Since he has pinpointed Middle East region, we would like to know from him whether he has got a particular country in mind.

He has boasted about the freedom Christians are enjoying in Israel. I don’t expect anyone will be fooled by his ‘white-washing’ of his country, Israel of what is actually happening there.

We would like to know whether he has read the highly critical investigative report on the subject, broadcast on the CBS-TV ’60 Minutes’ program and a record number of ‘price tag’ attacks on churches and monasteries in Israel over the past year.

In the meantime, Israeli embassy in Ireland in its latest post in Facebook says that ‘If Jesus were alive, he would be lynched by Palestinians’.

The post on the Israeli embassy in Dublin in Ireland’s Facebook page is carrying the image of Jesus and Virgin Mary. We learn that the embassy has apologized to all Irish people for posting such a nasty remark offending Christians, after an unprecedented uproar in the host country.

These are fool proof evidence to show that the people who are supposed to give religious freedom and protection to Christians, in Israel, are those the real threat and not the Arabs in the Middle East, as mentioned in Netanyahu’s Christmas greetings.

There is no conflict between Christians and Muslims and in their coexistence in the region. Therefore there is no so called ‘existential threat’ as made up by the Israeli prime-minister, Netanyahu.

- Asian Tribune -

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