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A Tale of the - Final Journey to Dawdami Prison by Dr. Mrs. Kifaya Ifthikar

Riyadh, 10 January, (

Dr. Mrs. Kifaya Ifthikar, a Dental Surgeon from Kandy, who lives presently with her husband in Riyadh had a harrowing experience yesterday morning, when she made her final journey to Dawdami prisons.

It is Dr. Mrs. Kifaya Ifthikar who used to visit Rizana Nafeek in her prisons located in Dawdami. She was visiting Rizana Nafeek since her arrest and detained in the Dawdamil prisons. She was doing this on a regular basis.

Earlier in an interview with Asian Tribune she said she was with Rizana Nafeek three weeks ago and during that visit Rizana was not aware of her impending plight. She said that when she met her last she looked very healthy, though there was a streak sadness and frustration clearly visible in her face and she told of her longing in going back to Sri Lanka to be with her parents, sisters, brother and with all her Sri Lankan relatives, friends and people.

As she was uncertain about the future of Rizana Nafeek, Dr. Mrs. Kifaya Ifthikar said yesterday she decided to go to Dawdami prisons to meet Rizana Nafeek, as she has entertained doubts that she may not meet her in the future if in case Saudi Arabian Authorities come forward to execute, as reliably rumored.

She told Asian Tribune that she decided to leave by car yesterday morning to Dawdami prison, located 390 KM from Riyadh and left accordingly.

Dr. Mrs. Kifaya Ifthikar speaking to Asian Tribune said as follows:

Asian Tribune: Can you tell me actually what happened to you in your yesterday’s journey to Dawdami prisons ?

Dr. Mrs. Kifaya Ifthikar: I went as usual to meet Rizana Nafeek lodged in the Dawadami Prison today (Wednesday) morning from Riyadh. When I went up to the Prison gate, I was told that I can’t meet anyone today and they asked me to come back by tomorrow.

I always use to ask the gate-keeper of the prison whether I can go inside. The Captain told ‘Dr. Kifaya you go and come back, may be you may come back by tomorrow. Then I returned to Riyadh.’

Asian Tribune: When did you came to know about the execution of Rizana?

Dr. Mrs. Kifaya: On my way back I saw it in the local news paper. On the way when we stopped the car, somebody also told me about the tragic incident – the execution of the Sri Lankan maid.

Asian Tribune: Do you know at what time they beheaded her?

Dr. Mrs. Kifaya Ifthikar: I can’t tell you exactly, but I was there in Dawdami by 12 45 midday and I think what is in the news is correct. You see this ‘Al Arabia,’ the Arabic language news paper which said that the execution took place around 11.45 am.

Asian Tribune: were you not aware that Rizana Nafeek would be executed today. But you went there as usual to meet her?

Dr. Mrs. Kifaya Ifthikar: I dont know anything about her execution. I simply went there. I went to meet her. I took some things for her along with me as usual. While on my way to Dawadami, I called her mother in Muthur as usual and asked her to get ready for the telephone call to talk with her daughter Rizana and told that after 1 hour I will reach there in the prison. Then when I reached the prison gate, first they said ‘you come in the evening’ and later they said ‘no no come back tomorrow.’ After that I decided to return to Riyadh as there was no point in waiting in Dawdami.

Then when I started the journey back, I learnt about the execution of Rizana Nafeek, whom I use to meet her on regular intervals since 2005 onwards. I was on a hell-shock and I felt I lost some parts of myself, I was so attached to her.

In the meantime it dawned on me that I have already telephoned her mother on my way to the prison and told her to wait for my telephone call to talk with her daughter Rizana Nafeek. As I did not had the courage at that moment to inform her about her daughter’s execution, I decided not to not to reveal the plight of her daughter. Therefore I told her mother that my vehicle broke down and I have decided to back Riyadh. I told her next time we will see.

Asian Tribune: Did you told the mother afterwards about Rizana’s execution?

Dr. Mrs. Kifaya Ifthikar: No .. No Mr. Rajasingha, I can’t talk to her and inform the execution of her daughter. So I called some known people there in Muthur and told them of the execution of Rizana Nafeek and requested them to convey the message to the family.

- Asian Tribune -

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