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Why our rescue efforts on Rizana ended in failure?

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

I received hundreds of e-mails, from all over the world, on Rizana's pathetic end but there was one e-mail which I found with some concrete and reasonable arguments, which I would like to share with the readers here.

Many who followed the case very closely are of the opinion that those who came on the scene to help the girl were either late or they were seeking just publicity except for very few who worked tirelessly for the poor girl's release.

One them was editor Asian Tribune , may god bless him for his sincere efforts. Please read below the e-mail which I selected to share with the readers:

"The amazingly sad tragedy is that we failed to get clemency while in many cases it has been successful. So, why did we fail? I believe we have MESSED up the whole case from DAY ONE. Until the death sentence was passed, none took much interest in the case except for very few who sincerely worked from behind the scene and did not seek any publicity.

1) The Media: Local and international, all poured sympathy only on Rizana and not on the Otaibi's- the dead baby's parents- who, became finally quite stubborn because the media simply disregarded their emotions.

2) Internationalizing : Human Rights ? what about the Human Rights of the lost infant regardless, how the little one passed away.

3) Politics : Everybody wanted to be in the news by his namesake involvement "I did it" .. vote for me please.

4) Tact: Well, we should have approached the Otaibi's very tactfully for the clemency. How on earth we go to International Human Rights Organizations and next day make a plea to the Otaibi's to pardon her?

So sad poor Rizana had to pay the price for the consequences arising due to mishandling the case."

- Asian Tribune -

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