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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

NGOs guilty of feeding Tamil violence

[b]NGOs guilty of feeding Tamil violence[/b]

By H. L. D. Mahindapala

A peculiar characteristic of the Jaffna Tamil psyche is that it suffers perennially from self-inflicted wounds of victimology. Their ceaseless tendency to blame the “other” is an inherent part of the Jaffna Tamil political culture. This political posturing as the pure, innocent victims of discrimination by the “other” has gone a long way to advance their excessive demands at the expense of all other communities.

The ground reality is that every community – including the Sinhalese – can claim that they have been the victims of one or the other form of discrimination. In fact it was the Sinhala youth who first took up arms on cries of class and linguistic discrimination. But their cries were drowned by the strident, organized, well-orchestrated cries of the Jaffna Tamils who, incidentally, have been the most privileged community under feudal and colonial patronage.

The culture of complaint in which they grew had no redeeming or relenting features for compromise with other communities. It was a culture based primarily on mono-ethnic extremism. The peninsular political culture was directed by the ruling privileged class/caste to retain their inherited feudal and colonial positions, power, and prestige. And that too, not to the Jaffna Tamils as a whole but to the ruling elite consisting of the vellahlas.

Finally, when they passed the Vaddukoddai Resolution they empowered the frustrated Tamil youth with legitimacy to take up the gun for the ruling elite to grab a disproportionate and undue share of power through “extra-parliamentary” violence. In the beginning, they anointed them with paternal praise when they called them “our boys”. They never dreamt that their “boys” would turn the guns of them. The Vaddukoddai Resolution which was designed to bury the Sinhalese eventually buried practically the whole lot that aided, abetted and voted for the Vaddukoddai Resolution.

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