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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

No apologies from Jeyadevan to Sethurupan: "Sue me,&quo

[b]No apologies from Jeyadevan to Sethurupan: "Sue me," challenges Jeyadevan[/b]

In a letter addressed to the Asian Tribune R. Jeyadevan - the British resident, who was incarcerated by the LTTE in a camp in the Vannni for refsuing to hand over the money-making Hindu temple in London -- says that he stands by what he said against Sethurupan and his involvement with, and would not apologize to him.

Here is his brief note sent to the Asian Tribune:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for taking this matter with me.

I stand by what I have said in my "Open Letter." Sethurupan is at liberty to file legal action against me over the letter which has been forwarded to many others.

I will substantiate with written evidence of his involvement with and and provide witnesses to confirm his involvement. There were so many other letters published by victims of Sethurupan and news items too appeared in many other media about his campaign. I am pleased that he now understands seriousness of his damaging campaign following my letter.

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