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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

No homeland for Tamil expatriates under LTTE

[b]No homeland for Tamil expatriates under LTTE [/b]

Colombo, 07 April, ( LTTE's official radio "Pulikalin Kural" – Voice of the Tigers -- has announced that the land, houses and other moveable and immoveable properties of the expatriate Tamils will be taken over by the LTTE to be distributed among new occupants selected by the LTTE.

The announcement was made by Sudar, the official who claimed to be the Legal Draftsman in charge of Justice and Administration. He said that the LTTE has enacted a Land Act under which Tamil expatriates will lose ownership of their land unless they come back to live in their respective properties.

According to Sudar, the official who is administering the LTTE Land Act, the Tamils in the diaspora cannot dispose their properties to anyone other than the LTTE. Nor can they buy or sell properties. All properties belong to the LTTE and all transactions must go through the LTTE who will decide which Tamil will own what property. For instance, the cultivable land can only be transferred to the blood relations only if that relation could cultivate the transferred land.

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