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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 76

Tigers moving to reintroduce TTN program surreptiously

Paris, 06 May, ( After Tamil Television Networks (TTN) TV channel was closed down in Paris, the Tigers are planning to introduce TTN Channel contents, including news and views to promote terrorism, in their supplementary free channel Mathuram. They have already started this second channel called Mathuram from 14 April on the Buddhist-Hindu New Year day. This is said to be a clever ploy by the Tamil Tigers to gradually turn this free channel into a pay channel and ensure that they continue to receive subscription payments from the Tamil diaspora in Europe.  Poster regarding the launching of 'Mathuram' channel. Poster regarding the launching of 'Mathuram' channel.

The new supplementary free channel actually belonged to a Singapore based company, in fact owned by GV Films – an Indian film producing company. This is a public company registered in the India’s stock exchange.

It is still unclear how such a company agreed to allow Tamil Tigers to broadcast their channel in the Europe. LTTE is a banned organization not only in Europe, but also in India. In fact it was India that introduced the ban on the Tigers, for the first time, after LTTE suicide bomber killed former Indian President Rajiv Gandhhi.

When the French Government shut down the Tamil Tigers’ TTN Television channel it affected the Tiger propaganda and the funding of the Tigers in Paris. Therefore the Tigers are desperately looking for new channels. They also have to satisfy the 22,000 TTN’s Pay Channel card holders. It is now reliably learnt that TTN is trying to include their programs in this TBO channel Mathuram to satisfy their disgruntled Pay Channel subscribers, majority of whom had paid one year subscription (Eu$ 15 X 12 months) EU$ 180/= in the very beginning of this year.

Since 04 May, announcement is being made in the supplementary channel about the reintroduction of the TTN programs.

Tigers are now promising their pay channel subscribers that they wanted to introduce a Tamil Box Office (TBO) channel as supplementary channel along with their TTN channel. The TBO (Tamil Box Office), broadcast from Thailand all this time, was televising cinema. (

Mathuram the supplementary channel of the Tigers is broadcast by Satlink ( from Israel. This establishment has links with the the subsidiary of the French Telecom.

In the guise of a film channel, LTTE is trying to change the content of the channel by including their propaganda programs and other materials. If they adopt this tactic, Tamil Tigers are hoping that Globecast would not be able to go through the contents of the programs in the channel.

Normally, according to French laws, Globecast which uplinks a channel to a satellite should take responsibility to monitor the contents of the programs that go through the TV channels linked by them. The Tamil Tigers are hoping to use Globecast once again to broadcast their propaganda.

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