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What has Prabhakaran Achieved by his Ruthless Killings: From Mayor Alfred Duraiyappah to Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle?

By K T Rajasingham

Question is being asked what has the aging recluse, Velupillai Prabhakaran, leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has achieved by killing the dissident Tamil leaders from Mayor Alfred Duraiyappah to Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle. Is he closer to his goal of creating a separate state of Tamil Eelam by these killings? Has he ushered in a rose garden with make milk and honey flowing on to the plates of the Tamils in the North and East? Has he managed to bring about peace and stability to the Tamil areas? Has he brought solace into Tamils home. At least has he stopped abducting the children of the Tamil fathers and mothers? Has he stopped deaths of his cadres, which have so far exceeded 20,000 Tamil youths, by his own admission? Has he managed to stop the destruction of the Tamil areas? In fact, what he has achieved? Somebody has to come up with an answer.

Prabakaran is running a Homicide Department led by Shanmuganathan Sivasankaran–alias Pottu Amman, the so called demonic intelligence Chief of the LTTE. Pottu Amman has spread his lethal tentacles all over the island and also internationally, killedl all those Tamils who opposed Prabhakaran and his deadly organization. This homicide department is involved daily in meticulously planning and killing Tamils who opposes Prabhakaran – the killer maniac and LTTE.

The LTTE Tamil rebel outfit, considers whoever who voices opposition against Prabhakaran and LTTE as dissidents and potential threat to their leadership and to their outfit. No sooner someone is considered a dissident, immediately they take appropriate actions to remove them physically from the face of the earth.

The LTTE has managed to survive from the latter part of the 1970's to date, through threat and intimidation and through smear campaigns let loose by their agent provocateurs. In the beginning, they will come up with a smear campaign against the marked dissident, followed by character assassination. Pursuing these campaigns, they then brand the dissidents as a quislings, traitors and government's agents, hirelings of the Government, to name a few of their labels.

They target the said dissidents by threatening telephone calls, emails and all the other known forms available to unleash threats and intimidations. By these exercises, they try to justify that the said person is against Prabhakaran and the LTTE. Followed by these vicious campaigns, the Homicide Department send out their agents or else hired killers available in the Pathala loga to finish the targeted dissident once and for all.

After that, the pro-LTTE’s print and electronic media come to play justifying the killings. By such measures Prabhakaran and the LTTE has managed to remove physically their dissidents from the face of the earth. This is what Pol Pot did in Cambodia. This is what all the other terrorists leaders from all over are doing.

Human lives have no meaning and value to terrorists all over the world and Prabhakaran is no exception.

This clearly indicates that Prabhakaran and his men possess no ability to democratically win over their oppositions. They think that a dissident is a threat for their survival. They think that the dissident would expose their terrorists’ designs and activities. They ask for complete acquiescence because they haven’t got the ability to convince or win over anyone to their side. Therefore, to eliminate a perceived threat of their survival they kill those who speak the truth.

I live in Sweden; TULF Leader V. Anandasangaree lives in Colombo. Our residences and whereabouts are a public secret. We are sitting ducks - easy targets and could be assassinated at any given time. We would be easy prey for the LTTE’s killers. They can attack people like us without any problem. That is what they have done for the past 25 years.

So far LTTE has killed according to an unconfirmed account, more than 30,000 civilians, who include Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims. Even now the killing spree of the Tigers has not come to a halt. Killing fields of Prabhakaran extends all over the world. The killing spree continues unabated.

In the beginning, Tamils in the Jaffna and Batticaloa experienced a different kind of emotions, when some one was killed by the LTTE. But suddenly it dawned on the Tamils when one of their own kith and kin was killed, when one of their children was abducted that life had become a hell. Today people living in the Vanni, who are with their children, are living with fear of loosing their children.

The Tamil diaspora in United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Germany, France and other Western Countries are not aware of the problems the people in Vanni are undergoing. People in Vanni are being enslaved and trampled under the jackboots of the Tiger cadres.

Other day, I was talking to a lady in France over the phone. I asked her how many children she has? She said she has three. Then I asked her, why you don’t send one of your children to Vanni to join the armed cadre of the Tamil Tigers. She immediately asked me why she should spare one of her child. I responded to her and said then only you can achieve the Tamil Eelam.

The Lady was infuriated with my response about Tamil Eelam and of sparing one of her children to be the cannon fodder. Sorry I can’t post all her comments here. This shows that Tamil diaspora who enjoy living in Western countries, who enjoy the freedom vital for their survival, but they get duped and begin to support the Tamil Tigers. It is baffling to know why??

Last week, I was having a long chat with Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle, the day before his death. We were at one stage talking about the Tamil diaspora giving money to the Tamil Tigers.

Then the Minister said that, 'Any Tamil who donates money to LTTE war-chest has to be considered a traitor to Sri Lanka. The act of giving money to LTTE amounts to promoting the war efforts of LTTE against Sri Lanka. That person has to be considered a terrorists also,' the Minister said.

When the subject of Tamil Nadu leaders came up in our talk, the slain Minister said "If those Tamil Nadu leaders like Dr. Ramadoss, V.Gopalasamy really wanted to support Prabhakaran to establish a separate state in Sri Lanka, first let them carve out a separate state of Tamil Nadu, then let them interfere in the activities of Sri Lanka."

He believed that many of these Tamil Nadu politicians including Pala Nedumaran are allegedly in the payroll of the Tamil Tigers. They are singing elegy for their supper.

Today, Prabakaran’s terrorist activities are a kind of mafia industry. They try to churn money through terror and intimidation tactics. Long long ago, their usefulness to the society vanished. These spent-forces are now bent on disrupting the peace and harmony of the country and openly killing those whoever opposes them. As long as the Tamil diaspora in the Western countries continue pumping in moneys to the LTTE, the atrocities of the LTTE will continue.

The dawn of 2008 showed the death of T.Maheswaran, the UNP member of Parliament for Colombo. Followed by Maheswaran’s killing, we have seen two more Ministers killed. I think there will not be an end to this killing spree let loose by Velupillai Prabhakaran – the killer maniac.

- Asian Tribune -

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