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Investigation of assault and sexual harrasement suspected to be influenced

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Colombo, 14 April, ( Investigation of assault and sexual harassment of a mother of two children by the police and the medical officer was allegedly to have been influenced by a person employed at the Kataragama Divisional Secretariat.

The victim is a mother of two children aged 14 and 1 ½ years and her husband employed in the Housing Authority, working in Ampari was away from home when the incident took place.

The victim woman was forced into a room of her house, pushed into a bed and torn off her clothes to force sexual assault, but her cries made neighbors to rush to rescue her.

At about 10am on 3 February 2008, the victim has seen the alleged assailant employed at the DS office Kataragama drinking alcohol with two other persons whose names she did not know but could be identified. She has heard that they were talking about the house of an accountant attached to the office of the Divisional Secretary which is situated behind her house.

At about 4 pm, the alleged assailant came to victim’s house and asked for her husband and she replied that he was at work. The assailant then repeatedly asked her about her husband in a threatening manner. The victim when inquired the assailant has shown his identity card. Then he inquired about the dispute the victim has with the accountant.

The victim has told him that she did not know anything and so to inquire from her husband. Then again alleged assailant shouted for her husband and demanded him to come out of the house.

While shouting he forced into the house making the attempts of the victim futile when she tried to prevent him entering the house and pushed the victim into a bed in the room. In the process he caught her and pulled her dress and in the struggle her skirt was torn.

The victim cried for help to prevent her cries for help he took an exe lying in the house and struck a blow with the handle to her head.

The blow was so hard she fell down and the assailant struck several blows at the victim while she was bleeding. At that moment the Accountant too came with his sarong raised inquiring for the victim’s husband. The victim noticed that the accountant too was drunk.

Hearing the cries of the victim, one neighbor rushed and pulled the assailant by his shirt. At that moment several others also has come and pulled everyone out while the assailant and the accountant persisted fighting.

The victim said that she was in severe pain due to injuries she has sustained and has gone to Kataragama Police Station to lodge an entry. Inside the police station, while the police officer was taking down her complaint, another officer told the officer taking down the complaint that there was a phone call from the Divisional Secretary.
After answering the call the officer came back and continued to write down her complaint. After finishing, the police just got her signature on it but did not make her read the contents.

The victim was then sent to the Kataragama Hospiltal by the police.

The victim said that while the Doctor was checking her, he too got a telephone call from the Divisional Secretary. The Doctor told her that he could not treat her and sent her to Hambanthota Hospital in an Ambulance. The same day at about they operated on her arm. She was in the hospital for three days and in the afternoon of 5 February 2008 she was discharged. Since then, she has been unable to work and her arm is still in plaster.

On 6 February she went to the police station and the police asked her to go to the Mediation Board and settle the matter, which she refused. A case was instituted in court.

Based on her complaint, the police started investigation into the alleged assault however, no progress has been reported. In addition, due to the alleged influence by the office of the Divisional Secretary the case has not been investigated.

- Asian Tribune -

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