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Presidential Nomination within Obama’s Grasp as North Carolina Obliterates Clinton

By Philip Fernando in LA for Asian Tribune

Los Angeles, 07 May, ( It is over bar the shouting. The die is cast. Senator Barrack Obama’s crushing defeat of Senator Hilary Clinton in North Carolina by over 14 points brought his pledged delegates plus the super delegates total to within hundreds of the magical number 2025 according to most observers. As I write all TV channels have declared Obama the winner in North Carolina while Clinton was eking out a 2 percent win in Indiana. Final delegate numbers were not available as I write. The most crucially contested two weeks in primary history went Obama’s way despite the pulverizing impact of Rev. Jim Wright’s verbal onslaught few days ago. What is left now is the awaited departure of Clinton from the scene. Observers predicted that the Democratic super delegates would move en-mass to Obama’s side now.Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama greets Andrea Raes after she voted along with her daughtersDemocratic presidential candidate Barack Obama greets Andrea Raes after she voted along with her daughters

Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton stumped for votes in Indiana attracting huge crowds. Whether the tracking pools would actually turn out correct was the question. Now, N Carolina has shown that some of the polls were wrong as Obama won big there. Polls may have relied on the fact that 26 percent of voters had already voted according to most reports. In Indian 13 percent had voted ahead. New election law requiring voter identification went into effect for the first time this week in Indiana. If there were any damaging impact of the recent controversial remarks by the pastor Rev. Jim Wright, Indiana came to be tested as the two states voted. Obama seemed to have weathered the storm.

In North Carolina, Obama was doing well brushing aside the impact of Rev Wright’s comments. He fared well in the Raleigh-Durham area with large numbers of young voters. Clinton was doing slightly better with older and rural Democratic voters. The major difference between Pennsylvania and Indiana was that Obama leads among the key demographic of voters age 35-54 by a 58% to 31% margin – dramatically different than how that age of voters acted in Pennsylvania two weeks ago. There, Clinton won among those voters.

Some believe that Obama has made real inroads among voters age 55-69, where Clinton had 44% and Obama 43% - a statistical tie.

Clinton was the favorite among white voters in North Carolina, 55% to 34%, while Obama had the better among African American voters, 77% to 10% according to most polls.

In Indiana, Clinton led among white voters, 46% to 39%, with 15% left unsure or supporting someone else. African Americans which make up about 11% of the primary electorate Obama was heavily favored. Obama seems to lead in the heavily populated Indianapolis by a 54% to 33% margin, while Clinton was ahead by a similar margin across southern Indiana. Across the northern tier of the state, including Gary in the west, South Bend, Elkhart, and Fort Wayne in the east, the pair is tied at 42% each. Clinton had a double-digit lead among Catholics, while Obama has gained a tiny two-point lead among Protestants.

Among voters age 55-64, Clinton seemed ahead by a 43% to 41% edge, which represented progress for Obama, who did much better among younger voters. Among those voters age 35-54, he had a 47% to 37% margin, also having similar edges among voters under

Obama was attracting celebrity groups from all over America. Obama had a rally with Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Caroline Kennedy. Hollywood had gone Obama in a big way. Robert DeNiro, Chris Rock, Brendan Routh, Kate Walsh, Kal Penn and Tate Donovan were at Obama’s side at some rallies. In California we had phone calls from Ed Norton and Alfre Woodard speaking for Obama, while in Arizone Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano was reported canvassing hard for him. Scarlett Johansson was going door to door in Minnesota.

This was an area exclusively dominated by the Clintons. Clinton is still getting some support from Hollywood celebrities: Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Ron Howard, America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn, Fran Drescher, John Grisham and Magic Johnson, just to name some.

Obama had put to Hollywood celebrities to good use. Some are even stuffing mailers, knocking doors and calling supporters on the phone. There are precinct captains and group leaders leading their marches. It is democracy in action.

With primaries in West Virginia on May 13th and Oregon on May 20th, we may see the end of the primary electuion season. Obama would most likely have an insurmountable lead by May 20th. Super delegates have moved towards Obama in droves and the trend will most likely seal the after of Clinton this month.

- Asian Tribune -

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