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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Indo-Western Psychological Warfare Threat

By Asif Haroon Raja

India’s RAW strictly abides by tactics taught by Chanakya 2500 years ago. Arthashastra gives copious lessons how Chanakya used to overcome his foes through deceit, guile and hypocrisy. Having reaped rich harvest in 1971, RAW is continuing to follow the same themes and techniques against all its neighbours. Strategically, India supports and spreads the idea of secessionist bodies in Pakistan. She is leaving no stone unturned to promote dissension and animosity among different communities inhibiting Pakistan and thus destabilise Pakistan politically and make it economically and militarily weak. Her psychological experts employ themes for Sindhi, Punjabi, Pathan, Mohajir, Baluchi and Saraiki audiences separately.

At the same time, they endeavor to destroy the moral fibre of Pakistani society and to move them away from religion towards Epicureanism. Availability of vulgar Indian movies in our video shops together with net cafes providing pornographic films and obscene musical TV programs are polluting the minds of our younger generation and have affected our moral values.

After 1971, India focused her attention towards Sindh, where her psychological operators are hell-bent to create a situation akin to erstwhile East Pakistan. Hanging of ZA Bhutto in April 1979 and its emotional impact on the people of Sindh was exploited to the hilt to create hatred against the army and Punjab. RAW provided all out support to Al-Zulfiqar led by Bhutto sons and later to the MQM’s militant wing to take control of Karachi through terrorisation. Mrs Indira Gandhi supported the MRD movement in Sindh in 1983 which kept simmering till 1985 and call for Sindhu Desh grew louder. Rural-urban divide in Sindh was skillfully widened.

India also maintained contacts with NAP (now ANP) leaders because of their historical softness towards the Congress and also kept instigating former Soviet Union and Afghan government to keep the issues of Pakhtunistan and Greater Baluchistan alive. Once India entered into a strategic partnership with USA after 1990, she intensified her propaganda against Pakistan on the issues of cross border terrorism into occupied Kashmir, drug peddling and on nuclear proliferation with a view to declare it as a terrorist state. The main purpose behind propaganda warfare was to hide her unchecked atrocities against hapless Kashmiris in IHK and to put Pakistan on the defensive. Unable to cope with freedom movement in Kashmir, she accused Pakistan of waging a proxy war and blamed certain Jihadi organizations involved in terrorism and sponsored by the ISI.

For the consumption of her home audience and for the younger generation in Pakistan, Indian psychological wizards kept feeding them on the platitude that Hindus and Muslims were living together in peace and harmony until the British inspired gambit divided them. They guilefully conceal the facts of history that in actuality the Hindus entered into an unholy alliance with the British to bring down the fortunes of the Muslims. They are trying to assert that the founders of Pakistan were misled into making an error of judgement, which must now be corrected.

They conveniently forget that till as late as 1946 the founder of Pakistan was in favor of united India and it was the Indian Congress leaders that thwarted all attempts towards conciliation. India did not reciprocate Jinnah’s call for burying the past and to live as friendly neighbors.. It had become abundantly clear from the attitude of the Indian leaders that they had agreed to the partition with a heavy heart and nurtured a fond hope that sooner than later it will return to the Indian fold.

In order to subvert Pakistan ideologically and culturally, India has developed her electronic media and psychological warfare in a big way and is currently using these weapons adroitly and achieving good results. Peace agreement signed in January 2004 provided an excellent opportunity to India to carryout cultural invasion and make deep inroads into Pakistan’s liberal sections of the society. Artists, film actresses, singers, models, fashion designers, sportsmen, west lovers are cultivated through regular exchange of cultural and musical programs and fashion shows. Most of our private TV channels have come under the influence of Indian culture as a result of which obscenity has sneaked into each and every home.

India’s major target audience is the youth of Pakistan, which is being weaned away from religion and channelled towards life of comfort and pleasure. The element of hostility is being gradually removed from their minds by stating that the Pakistani leaders have unduly inflamed the animosity between the two neighbours out of political expediency. Own pseudo intellectuals and paid writers are helping them in presenting a soft and friendly image of India. Political figures are cultivated and made India friendly. Such guileful invasions of the minds could have drastic effects on the new generation.

The Indian propaganda brigade in cahoots with the Mossad, MI-6, Afghan’s RAM and CIA based in Kabul after 9/11 has very cunningly and efficiently exploited the existing vulnerabilities of our socio-politico-economic life and created cleavages in the society. There is irrefutable proof of RAW’s involvement in Baluchistan, FATA and in Swat. The Indians, the west and Israelis have common interests to bolster their efforts to wean the people of Pakistan away from religion.

The west looks at Islamic culture as 'outmoded and medieval’. It alleges that Islam replicates the past and thus is not contemporary. Neo-cons in USA desire elimination of Islamic civilisation to ensure American global ascendancy. In order to subvert Islam in Pakistan, seen as the strong forte of the Islamic world and having all the streaks of fundamentalism, the west continues to inject dozes of secularism through books, magazines, newsprint and TV programs among the liberal and secular minded persons in Pakistan. Over a period of time they have been successful in creating a strong secularist class in Pakistan sympathetic to the western model and ready to promote their cause.

In this, the western sponsored NGOs are playing a leading role to inculcate modernism and liberalism and to down play the values of Islam. The educated class with a secular mindset is being fully utilised to poison the minds of the people and to turn them against their own people and their value system. President Musharraf’s enlightened moderation and revision of educational curricula were meant to secularise the society.

Besides the cultural invasion, political and economic coercion is also being applied to tame the government in power and to force it to follow its dictates. The IMF, the World Bank and other international aid giving agencies had been essentially created in the late eighties to neo colonise the third world in general and to suppress or possibly crush Islamic movements. These organisations have succeeded in shackling the developing countries under massive debts and making their economy perpetually impoverished and debt ridden. Pakistan was systematically brought into the debt trap from 1985 onwards and by 1999 its debts rose to the phenomenal figure of $35 billion and now it is over $42 billion.

Another tool applied with cunning and finesse is the propaganda warfare. The leadership of any Muslim country refusing to follow the dictates of New World Order even after imposing economic sanctions is defamed through a well orchestrated propaganda campaign and dubbed as inefficient, rigid and obscurantist. The Islamists are termed as uncouth fundamentalists and terrorists responsible for all the woes of the country. Crude methods are also used in league with their like-minded friends within the target country to bring down any government trying to show defiance or follow independent policies and to replace it with the government of their liking. Afghanistan is the typical case of coercion and victimisation. The war ravaged and drought stricken country ruled by the Taliban was put under the burden of punitive sanctions and isolated from the world community. All methods were applied to tame the Taliban regime as per the dictates of the US and when they refused to be tamed they were forcibly ousted and are now being ruthlessly hunted.

Pakistan is currently subjected to intense American and western propaganda and has been portrayed as the most dangerous country in the world. Its north-western tribal belt has been projected as the breeding ground for terrorists and a safe haven for the most wanted terrorists of al-Qaeda and the Taliban. It is being repeatedly insisted that Pakistan’s nuclear assets have become unsafe. The ISI and elements within the army are being blamed for supporting the Taliban. Pakistan is being depicted as a failed state that will soon disintegrate and get absorbed into Indian Union. American think tanks are spreading anti-Pakistan literature. Arnaud de Borchgrave, Symons Herch, B. Raman, Douglas Frantz, Catherine Collins and many others are known for spitting venom and invective.

There is a widely held view in Pakistan that the spate of suicide bombings in Pakistan are a handiwork of Indo-US-Israeli nexus based in Kabul which is indulging in dirty tricks to destabilise Pakistan politically and cause economic deathblow to Pakistan so that its nuclear assets could be hijacked. It is most unfortunate that today Pakistan despite being a nuclear power is feeling so weak that it is accepting blatant intrusion of foreign powers without a whimper.

While we are being slowly bled to death, it is to be seen how the new leadership reverses the trend of docility towards intrusive foreign powers which miss no opportunity to inflict destructive blows upon the federation of Pakistan. Pakistan is not weak; it is our weak-willed leaders that had wilted under pressure after 9/11 and ever since have made Pakistan vulnerable to foreign subversion.

Asif Haroon Raja is a defence and political analyst based in Rawalpindi and author of several books.

- Asian Tribune -

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