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Take LTTE to Task Now, Anandasangaree Urges International Community

Colombo, 17 May, ( V. Anandasangaree,President of the President TULF strongly condemned the bomb attack on innocent civilians in Colombo by the terrorist LTTE. He called upon international community to take the ruthless terrorists to task for this barbaric act. Hhe pointed out that that within two days of the assassination of Ms. Maheswary Velauthan of the EPDP, the LTTE has once again shown its atrocious feat in the heart of Colombo.

As usual Prabaharan has selected an innocent family to provide a suicide bomber for the game he plays off and on and thoroughly enjoys the killings of the innocents. He added, once again it is somebody else’s brainwashed child had sacrificed himself without any known protest neither from the suicide-bomber’s parents nor from any one of the TNA Members of Parliament who are although proxies of the LTTE, in name elected by the people. I am not asking the TNA Members to sacrifice their own children. My only worry is as to why they can’t lodge a strong protest against human sacrifices by the LTTE. That is all I am asking. I strongly condemn the LTTE for playing with human lives."

He said that Ten innocent people some of whom are police officers, have died and over eighty-five seriously injured. How many more will die will not be known for a few days and by the time the exact figure is made known, more similar incidents would have taken place. Every time such an incident takes place more and more widows, orphans and destitute persons are created. In addition several lose their eye sights, limbs and get benumbed also. All the sympathy such victims earn are forgotten sooner or later, but Prabaharan goes on and his people keep on glorifying him.

He commented further "How are we going to stop this madness? There is only one way by which we can stop this. Without waiting for some unpleasant incident to take place, the possibility of which is not ruled out? The International Community should wakeup and condemns these atrocious acts of the LTTE with one voice and warns them to stop forthwith playing with innocent human lives.

The Government too without further delay comes out with a reasonable and acceptable solution, not due to the fear of the LTTE but only to enable the International Community to act positively without any further delay.

The TULF expresses its deepest sympathies to the kith and kin and all relations and friends of the unfortunate victims."

- Asian Tribune -

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