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JP leader expresses concern at political situation

Dhaka, 16 May, ( Presidium member of Jatiya Party (Ershad), Shahidur Rahman Tapa expressed his concern at the present political complexity in the country, which is generating speculations of rise of third force or even a civil coup in Bangladesh.

Talking to INS, the JP leader said, people of Bangladesh sacrificed a lot for establishment of democracy in the country. Now, from the present political situation, especially with the dubious game between the two major political parties, it has become clear to many that, Bangladesh’s democracy is in extreme critical situation.

He said, both Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Bangladesh Awami League failed miserably to meet people’s expectations. Masses of the country are not only fed up but annoyed with these two parties. Under such extreme complex situation, there is growing doubt of a civil coup in the country.

Tapa said people of Bangladesh are now looking for a new option. And of course, that expectation is unfortunately directed to a third force. This is a clear indication of people’s dissatisfaction with the big political parties in Bangladesh. Taking this advantage, certain quarters are playing hidden game in poisoning the minds of the people largely on the politicians and political parties. He termed this as extremely volatile.

Commenting of the political future of Jatiya Party under the leadership of Hussain Muhammed Ershad, Tapa said, if the people of Bangladesh will evaluate achievements and failures of all the three political parties who had been in power, certainly Ershad stands in a very positive and admirable position.

During his term, maximum number of development projects was successfully implemented, and Ershad worked tirelessly in transforming a bottomless basket case to a country of infinite possibility. He said, even at the present political complexities, when both BNP and AL have failed to perform their commitments and obligations to the voters in the country, Jatiya Party stands as a solid alternative.

- INS + Asian Tribune -

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