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Mystery deepens on the death of Balaraj and on the selective leaks of LTTE leaders’ movements

By Ruwan Weerakoon

Colombo, 03 June, ( The year 2008 so far has proved to be a bad year for the LTTE. In this year two prominent LTTE leaders and one of the most senior LTTE female leaders got killed in the battle within the LTTE control area.
The LTTE had announced that its number two or overall operations commander Balraj died of a heart attack.Well informed sources from Tiger territory said Balraj died in a clandestine claymore bomb attack at Pallamadu in north Mannar.Well informed sources from Tiger territory said Balraj died in a clandestine claymore bomb attack at Pallamadu in north Mannar.

However, well informed sources from Tiger territory said Balraj died in a clandestine claymore bomb attack at Pallamadu in north Mannar.

After the Sri Lanka Army advanced on three fronts from January this year to the LTTE controlled area, LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran is said to have appointed battle-hardened Balraj to supervise the three battle fronts in North Mannar, Vavuniya and Welioya.

On May 20 morning, Balraj is reported to have had a meeting with Banu in north Mannar to discuss the ongoing military advance of the SL Army and gave strategic advice to Banu on how to repulse the advance. Balraj had his breakfast and then proceeded to his next destination – the Vavuniya battle front to meet Luxman and Swarnam.

Balraj is said to have proceeded in his black double cab with his four bodyguards to Vavuniya. When the double cab had reached Pallamadu around 12.15 p.m., there had been a loud explosion and LTTE cadres in the area rushing to the scene had seen Balraj’s body with his chest and abdomen bleeding. He is reported to have died on the spot along with his driver and bodyguards.

LTTE cadres had immediately rushed Balraj to Kilinochchi Hospital but by that time Balraj was dead.

LTTE communications were paralyzed for three hours after this incident, the source said from Tiger den.

The death of Balraj stunned LTTE leader Prabhakaran and his senior leaders. Around 1. 00 p.m. the LTTE leadership decided to announce that Balraj had died at 2. 00 a.m. after suffering a heart attack.
As the explosion had occurred in the high security zone of the LTTE, no mention was made of it by the LTTE.Selvi killed in the battleSelvi killed in the battle

With Balraj’s death the LTTE leadership met to discuss the Sri Lanka Army’s advance. Their position was that as the Army had advanced to Palampiddi and as the distance from Palampiddi to Pallamadu was18 km the Army’s long range unit could not have infiltrated such a long distance. They were suspicious that some other force was behind this explosion. They suspect that even former political head Thamilselvan’s death was a result of intelligence being provided to Sri Lankan security forces? Are there traitors within the LTTE?

On May 25th 4.20pm in North Mannar another claymore explosion took place in the LTTE control Visakulam area located North of Mannar in the afternoon as result of the clandestine claymore explosion targeted the Double cab traveled by second in command of LTT women wing Selvy with her 4 body guards and driver. All of them died on the spot.

After Balraj’s death Banu, Swarnam and Pottu Amman are said to be eyeing his position and it is speculated that most likely Swarnam will succeed him.

After the death of Thamilselvan, Prabhakaran is said to have ordered his intelligence chief Pottu Amman to investigate as to who was behind the leaks of sensitive information to Government forces.

Pottu Amman’s report to Prabhakaran is said to have identified the person as LTTE peace secretariat chief Seevaratnam Pulidevan. However information is said to be leaking even after Pulidevan’s arrest.

Prabhakaran is said to have ordered the arrest of Pulidevan while there is sound information that Pottu Amman was not on good terms with Pulidevan.

Pulidevan has been arrested by the LTTE intelligence services. He has been accused of providing vital information to Government intelligence services regarding the movement and whereabouts of key figures of the LTTE hierarchy.

Although Pulidaven arrested by the LTTE Intelligence, then who had killed Balraj?

This is a billion dollar question that remain unsolved in LTTE Leader Prabakarn”s mind.

There is strong speculation that information provided by Pulidevan led to the killing of Thamilselvan who represented the political front of the LTTE. It is also believed that the killings of ‘Lieutenant Colonel’ Kalaialagan, who was responsible for international co-ordination and intelligence deputy Charles was a direct result of information provided by Pulidevan. He is also being held responsible for providing information leading to the recent Air Force attacks in the Wanni targeting the main cadres of the LTTE.

The funeral of Balraj, who was a senior member of the LTTE, was attended by all key figures of the LTTE hierarchy including Prabhakaran, Pottu Amman, political chief Nadesan, Sea Tiger head Soosai and Balakumaran. However, the absence of Pulidevan was noticeable in the video footage of the funeral. This has increased speculation regarding his arrest.

Pulidevan was a prominent member of the LTTE peace delegation team during the negotiations with the Sri Lankan government. He is fluent in Tamil, Sinhala and English.

In the meantime LTTE Peace Secretariat in a press release said Six civilians killed including two children in a claymore attack by Sri Lanka

But this same press release was reported in the Tamil Net the pro-LTTE echo chamber. In the Tamil net report “6 civilians killed in SLA claymore attack –LTTE” it was stated “Six devotees including two children on their way to Naakathampiraan Temple in Maangku'lam were killed and 4 wounded, including 2 children, in a claymore mine explosion in Vanni Monday night. LTTE's Director of Peace Secretariat S. Puleedevan blamed the Deep Penetration Unit operated by the Sri Lanka Army for the attack on civilian target.”

Suddenly a subtle attempt has been made to reveal that LTTE's Director of Peace Secretariat S. Puleedevan is a free man. Normally Puleedevan has nothing to do with news and never acted as a spokesman for the LTTE.

But by Tamil Net introducing Puleedevan in the news report clearly shows that the mystery deepens.

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