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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 109

Sangaree blowing conch to the deaf ears of Prabakaran

Colombo, 29 July, ( One more letter to Prabakaran. V.Anandasangaree, continuously solicit a response to his open letters from the Tiger leader V.Prabakaran, unfortunately he continuously ignores him. But Anandasangaree as usual laments and write another one. That is the end of it. In Tamil there is a apt proverb – chevidan kathil sangu oothiyathu blowing conch in the ears of a deaf. Recalcitrant Prabakaran is not the type who listens to others advice. He was never in a mood for any counseling. He runs and organization with the main mission is killing. He runs a department involved in identifying and killing his sworn as well as his imaginary enemies.

Septuagenarian Anandasangaree may be out of concern for the down trodden Tamils, bring up issues regarding them. But unfortunately Prabakaran is not in a mood to listen to Anandasangaree, or to anybody else. He will kill and continues to kill. As long as the Tamils especially Tamil diaspora consider Prabakaran as their savior and donate money, Prabakaran will continue with the dastardly act of killing.

Given below the full text of the letter written by V.Anandasangaree, President of the Tamil United Liberartion Front to V. Prabakaran, Leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil EElam:

Leader L.T.T.E


My dear Thamby

Another Golden Opportunity

You have not responded to any of my letters in the past. I am writing again to bring to your notice another golden opportunity that has come on your way to find a lasting solution to the ethnic problem and to bring back much wanted peace to all of us including you. I am compelled to pursue with my Mission in my desperate attempt to save our country and its people from ruin. I have also a moral duty to liberate the people in areas under your control. You are aware that Kilinochchi is my place where I lived and grew with the people and also represented them in Parliament after being their Chairman of the Village Council and latter as the first Chairman of the Town Council Kilinochchi. You will certainly understand my concerns for the Vanni People.

Every day some valuable lives are lost not merely in the battle front but also due to your cadre’s ruthless activities such as targeting civilian buses, buses of service personnel, trains etc. with clay-more mines, land mines, hand grenades and bombs. Your cadre did not spare even those who are lucky to escape from a burning bus and the poor innocent ‘chena’ cultivators.

Your victims include office goers, teachers, students, pregnant women, the old and the young and school children.

About 70-100 thousand lives had been lost due to your meaningless war that did not bring any benefit to anybody. Many had lost their spouses and the sole bread winner of the family. Some are without their eye-sights and yet many others without limbs. The number or orphans you created are not small in number.

How many Leaders of standing from various communities you bumped off?

Will India ever pardon you for the assassination of their Ex Prime Minister?.

Will the Sri Lankan community ever pardon you for the innumerable leaders of all communities you had assassinated?.

Will the children of the parents you killed pardon you?

What about the billions and billions worth of property private and public you destroyed?.

How many train compartments, power coaches, buses, telegraph posts, electricity posts and cables you have destroyed?.

There is no trace of over 200 kilometers of rail track from Thalaimannar to Madavachchi, Kankesanthurai to Vavuniya and a section on the Batticaloa line, with no trace of railings, sleepers or metal on the tracks now.

You made the children to study in moon light and bottle lamps for years. The journey that took only (6) six hours to Colombo took 36 to 48 hours. People were made to starve’. During the mass exodus from Jaffna to Kilinochchi how many people had died?.

You volunteered to liberate the people who were living as free people and now keeping them under your subjugation. Almost all the people in the North and East have hardly anything to lose. The poor became poorer and the rich became paupers. Hundreds of thousands of people lost all their belongings including their gold ornaments and houses, and some their husbands and many their children.

You have taken away many children of poor parents and scarified them at the battle front. You brainwashed some and sent them as suicide bombers, after posing for a photographs with them and had them blown to pieces.

These are only a fraction of the suffering undergone by the Tamils and Muslims. There are Muslims in refugee camps for more than 15 years. So are some Tamils. Above all the worst agony the Tamil people are undergoing after all these suffering are insults from some English educatd Sinhales referring to the dowry system and caste system of Jaffna, both of which are long forgotten. Some talk of Jaffna man’s superiority complex which I have never seen in any Tamil in Jaffna. It is there, only in the imaginations of some journalists. The Jaffna man of today is the under-dog who needs sympathy and support. Apart from this I will consider the average Sinhalese as law-abiding humble and polite people. They do not have any animosity towards the Tamils. They want to live as equals with the Tamils. They have full sympathy for the Tamils half of whom are now living in the South with them in peace and harmony, more happily with them then they were under your subjugation.

Please cry halt to all your activities now and look back. We had a Sinhalese MV in Jaffna and one in Kilinochchi where thousands of Sinhalese students studied. Like-wise we had and still have hundreds of Tamil Schools in the Sinhala areas. Every thing was peaceful then. We had Sinhalese Members in the J.M.C. We also had Muslim Mayors in Jaffna. There was hardly any friction between the Tamils and Muslims or Sinhalese. We all lived peacefully. We had and still have Tamils as Members, Vice-Chairman and Chairman of local bodies all over the country. The July, 1983 backlash is certainly a black mark. It was a deliberately organized one. There is absolute peace now among various ethnic groups throughout the country.

The Tamils have nothing more to lose. You are leading the Sri Lankan Tamils, living under your subjugation, towards total annihilation. Jaffna has lost half its population. It is reported that this year alone you have sacrificed over 5000 Tamil youths at the battle front. We can’t afford to lose any more lives be they Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims. The world has progressed a lot except we Sri Lankans. Your actions have hindered the progress of the Tamils totally and that of the Sinhalese and Muslims partially

Here is another golden opportunity coming on your way. It is God-sent. Please grab it.

The SAARC conference is due to take peace in Colombo at which Heads of seven states of neighboring countries are going to meet and discuss, among others, some problems the various countries confront today, including terrorism which is the biggest problem. In my view Terrorism in our country can be stopped overnight if only you make up your mind. People will take it as a big joke, your offer of a cease-fire during the SAARC conference. Every one including the participant Heads of States will take it seriously if you accept my advice and make the following five declarations forthwith. I do not think that the Heads of the SAARC States will have any other matter which is more important than the Sri Lankan ethnic problem and it won’t be a surprise if it finds a place in the Agenda.

In any case the subject of terrorism is in the Agenda and therefore the ethnic issue too would be discussed. Therefore I advice you to make the following declaration at once.-

1. Declare a permanent cease-fire unilaterally with a request to the Sri Lankan Government to follow.

2. Declare laying down of arms forthwith with an assurance not to use them in any form till a final solution is worked out.

3. Declare withdrawing the demand for separation and agreeing for a solution within a United Sri Lanka.

4. Declare your willingness to accept the seven Heads of States as arbitrators to find a solution.

5. Declare acceptance of any solution recommended by the Heads of the 7 States as reasonable.

I need not tell you that the International community as a whole has rejected your claim for separation. Once you agree to give up your demand for separation, the whole world, the SAARC countries in particular, will be too willing to intervene and help us to solve the ethnic problem with India playing the leading role. This is the best opportune time for you to enter the democratic process giving up the armed struggle. The happenings in the Eastern Province can be taken as a good example for you to come into the Democratic process. You will be welcomed to take part in the Administration. As for me I will do my best to help you to come into the democratic process. I wish to assure you that I have absolutely no intention of deriving any benefits in negotiating this deal, including any share in the administration.

With great confidence I wish to assure you that a lot of hardliners in the country will gladly agree to change their present attitude and help to find a satisfactory solution early. I am not aware as to whether the ethnic issue of ours is in the Agenda of the SAARC conference. But “Terrorism” will certainly be a subject for discussion and therefore discussion of the ethnic problem will become unavoidable.

Hence kindly accept my advice and declare your position. I will simultaneously make a request to his Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapakse to take up the issue of the Sri Lankan ethnic problem for discussion with the other Heads of the SAARC countries.

Thinking you,

Yours sincerely


- Asian Tribune -

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