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Sri Lankan Against Terrorism reprimanded two Labour MPs for participating in the LTTE sponsored event

London, 29 July, ( Sri Lankan Against Terrorism, a UK based anti-terrorist organization, castigated Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of United Kingdom for tolerating his own party Members of Parliament aiding and abetting Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a separatist terrorist organization based in Sri Lanka which has been banned in UK under the Terrorism Act of 2000.

"Your own Labour party MPs Keith Vaz and Virendra Sharma were closely involved in organising Pongu Thamil event and attending it and deliver speeches of support, the SLAT UK pointed out to the Prime Minister.

"We appeal to you to request your MPs not to lend support to this terrorist group that is destroying our country and its peace loving citizens," SLAT organizers expressed their stern disapproval.

On Sunday 27 July, thousands of Sri Lankan expatriates converged in front of British Prime minister's official residence at No 10, Downing Street in London to protest against the LTTE terrorism.

The Sunday's mass protest rally in London was organised by 'Sri Lankans against Terrorism' (SLAT-UK), an organization of Sri Lanka expatriates who are all citizens of United Kingdom.

The demonstration titled "Let's All Unite as Sri Lankans to Defeat Terrorism in Our Motherland," urged the British Government to take stern action against all pro-LTTE activities in UK.

During the protest, Organizers of the rally handed over a memorandum to the officials of the Prime Ministers office, addressed to Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of UK urging the Government to take stern action against the terrorist activities of LTTE, a proscribed organization.

The full text of the memorandum addressed Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of UK handed over by the Sri Lankan Against Terrorism – UK is given below:

The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP
Prime Minister of United Kingdom
10 Downing Street
London. UK

27th July 2008

Dear Prime Minister

We, Sri Lankans of all communities who have joined hands to form an organisation called Sri Lankans Against Terrorism (SLAT- UK) held a demonstration today (27.7.08) opposite your residence to record our serious concern that the LTTE continues to operate through front organisations in the UK notwithstanding its proscription as a terrorist group by the UK Labour government in 2001. As you may be aware the LTTE continues to kill thousands of our innocent civilians including those of the Tamil community that they claim to represent.

The LTTE is today an international criminal network involved in the global narcotics trade, arms smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, credit card frauds and a wide range of other illegal activities. The UK remains a major hub for its fundraising and propaganda activities which continues unabated despite the proscription through its front organisations, such as British Tamil Forum (BTF), White Pigeon, and International Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (ITRO) etc. We recognise that your government has taken limited action against some LTTE activists but we see this largely as only the tip of the iceberg.

As British Sri Lankans we feel deeply concerned that our motherland continues to bleed and that our innocent civilians including our Tamil brothers & sisters suffer due to the violent activities of the LTTE. We are equally concerned that the continuation of this terrible conflict is possible because countries in the developed world including most importantly the UK serve as bedrock of LTTE’s funding. These funds help purchase weapons and sustain a meaningless conflict which has been going on for nearly three decades.

Whilst the Sri Lankan security forces continue to take action to defeat these forces of terrorism, we earnestly appeal to you as citizens of this country to take more effective steps to prevent British soil being used for LTTE fundraising and propaganda activities.

Only last week on the 12th of July the LTTE’s main front organisation the British Tamil Forum (BTF) organised a massive propaganda event called ‘Pongu Thamil’ in Roehampton Vale in South West London. At this event funds were openly raised and the photograph of the LTTE leader Prabhakaran was prominently displayed (see attachment). Your authorities took no action at all to prevent LTTE propaganda and fundraising despite it being a violation of the UK Terrorism Act. More significantly some of your own Labour party MPs Keith Vaz and Virendra Sharma were closely involved in organising this event and attending it and delivery speeches of support. We appeal to you to request your MPs not to lend support to this terrorist group that is destroying our country and its peace loving citizens.

Sri Lanka is a multicultural and multi-religious country. It is home to all communities who wish to live in peace and unity. We do not support separatism. As our former colonial power, partner in the Commonwealth and friend we ask you earnestly to address our concerns outlined in this letter.

Yours sincerely

For Sri Lankans Against Terrorism in the UK (SLAT-UK)

The following members of SLAT have signed this letter in support of the views expressed and request your urgent attention to our concerns.

1. Mrs Rani Bulathwela
2. Mr Janaka Alahapperuma
3. Mr Anura Medagedara
4. Mr Shiran Almeida
5. Mr Nishantha Fernando
6. Mr Chanaka Dissanayake
7. Mr Mahinda Ushettige Perera

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