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Quadrennial Pomp and Pageantry of US Democracy Show-cased in Denver

Sunday Discourse by Philip Fernando for Asian Tribune

Quadrennial pomp and pageantry to pamper the voter will begin in Denver next week at the Democratic Party Convention. It does not get more scripted than this. No insider free-for-alls are expected like in the sixties. The 47 year old Barrack Obama would become the first Black candidate in US history to be made the party nominee. The animus of a hard fought primary may finally vanish as Hillary Clinton gets prime time spot. Spotlight will shine on Obama as he makes his acceptance speech to a 76,000 cheering crowd at the Mile High stadium. The speech would be one of the best ever, most predict.Over million voters read Senator Barrack Obama’s web site daily.  His list of donors has reached almost unmanageable proportions.Over million voters read Senator Barrack Obama’s web site daily. His list of donors has reached almost unmanageable proportions.

Media hordes would telecast at least one hour of prime time broadcasts every day in over 100 TV channels during the convention. Wooing a multiplicity of voting blocks is like a tight rope walk. Hispanics, Asians, Blacks, Whites, , Catholics, Evangelicals and Academic liberals-to name a few of the power groups- will either be won or lost by what Obama has to say

Conventions were do or die battles in the sixties when the delegates tried to nominate their favorite candidate over and over gain calling for one more roll call. Delegate leaders from each of the fifty States announced their choice one by one until the required number of delegates for victory was achieved. There will most likely be one roll call and Hillary Clinton’s name may also be in it.

This year, the election battle is very close with Obama showing a slender lead. Stakes are high as about fifteen states are considered battle ground areas: .Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, South and North Carolina and Virginia may be some of those states

US voters have an unenviable task of picking one candidate out of a myriad of images projected on TV screens, media outlets and advertisements. A photo of Obama not wearing a lapel pin may be construed as unpatriotic behavior. McCain pondering about keeping troops in Iraq for 100 years could become fodder to the opposing side. Politics is very much local and personal nowadays. Character and personality are the norms for judging how good a candidate is. An old time protector of America versus an untried new-comer is how the debate is defined by the Republicans. Democrats paint McCain as a clone of George W. Bush.

The convention next week will bring a glorious opportunity to Obama to highlight and contrast his style of campaigning and drive home the image that McCain is anachronistic and generates little excitement. Republicans have made Obama the issue calling him a vacuous opportunist with an empty rhetoric and little to offer. His father’s Muslim heritage is often made an issue. Caricature is now the accepted norm in politics.

Conventions still serve a purpose. A bump in the polls would be expected for Obama after next week. It is estimated that about ten percent of the voters may be influenced by Conventions. The fifty states are sliced and diced as the campaigns target different voting blocks. Conventions offer a chance to address all of them under one roof.

Obama’s campaign Chief David Plouffe is renowned for his fiercely competitive style. He has so far handled the fundraising, field organization and media projection with an expert touch. Obama’s foot soldiery is unprecedented. Even in the Republican pocket borough of Alaska there are field workers canvassing for Obama. They are also doing that in McCain’s home state of Arizona. Over million voters read Obama’s web site daily. His list of donors has reached almost unmanageable proportions. Plouffe is offering the best convention ever. It is no doubted best funded, organized and presented. People are eager to se how it works out.

- Asian Tribune -

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