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Scientologists claims that they are good people

Colombo, 18 August, ( Scientologists are refuting the ‘Red Alert, report recently posted in the Asian Tribune, warning the general public that they are creeping back in Sri Lanka on a proselytization mission.

The article 'Red Alert: Scientologists creeping back in Sri Lanka' which appeared in Asian Tribune has been described as "pretty unbecoming of Tribune." John Daniels from Australia, who claims to be an author, researcher, human rights activists, a scientologist for 45 years, wrote "Accusations against Scientologist are just that accusations. They have no basis in fact."

John Daniel in a letter to the Editor, further wrote, "Sinhalese and Tamil alike have found that Scientologists are good people. Our respect for other religions (especially Buddhism) and people of faith is genuine and evidenced by our actions."

However John Daniels have failed to provide substantiating facts about how he came to the conclusion that 'Sinhalese and Tamil alike have found that Scientologists are good people.'

Goven below the full text of the letter written by Scientologist John Daniels from Australia:

Scientologists Selflessly Give Assistance

Dear Editor

The article mentioning Scientologists last week was pretty unbecoming of the Tribune. Indeed your website writes in its ABOUT page: "Unfortunately, Asia is still divided according to the lines of religions, languages and according to so many other idiotic factors."

Having that unfortunate article is just another example of such division, and although there are earlier answers to some of the things said in the article:

Scientology: "Respect the religious beliefs of others."

Scientologist Church replies to Christian Eckert’s report on unethical conversions in Sri Lanka

I'd like to give this in response to the rest.

First, the writer seems to have forgotten the entire history of the Island. 2254 years ago, Mahinda converted the King to Buddhism. Prior to this, the Island was Hindu. Through trade Islam came to the Island over 1000 years ago. The Portuguese brought missionaries 6 centuries ago and in came Roman Catholicism. Yet through war and more colonialization in came the Dutch in the 17th century, with them, Protestantism. The British then ruled and brought Anglicanism. In more recent times we have the revival of Buddhism and its state as the prominent religion on the Island. One website puts it at 70% Buddhist, 15% Hindu, 7.5% Christian, and 7.5% Muslim. Yet in truth, no country in the world is 100% religious. Certainly some of the strife on the Island is likely at the hands of very ungodly and impious individuals.

Second, Scientologists have proven their selflessness in disaster relief scenarios around the world, and the writer makes no effort to check his facts or claims by one particular person. Scientologists not only helped Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and Indonesia after the Tsunami, but help in almost ever major disaster around the world. And they are very effective--the commendations and awards from governments for their relief work would be a very long list. Moreover, if they proselytized (or had any other disreputable motive) as the article accuses, these acknowledgements would not have happened.

Third, Dianetics, the word, means "through mind". It is of Greek origin, not Sanskrit. The title says it all, Dianetics - the Modern Science of Mental Health. It is very effective and is used by people of any religion, because it is about the mind, not religion.

Fourth, Sinhalese and Tamil alike have found that Scientologists are good people. Our respect for other religions (especially Buddhism) and people of faith is genuine and evidenced by our actions. Accusations are just that, accusations. They have no basis in fact.

Fifth, the utter irony here is my best recommendation to the writer, and those like him, “Be vigilant; guard your mind against negative thoughts.” Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.

Sixth and finally, there are real problems that all people can work together to fix. Scientologists are well known for fighting mental health abuses. They exist, even in Sri Lanka. Only 4 months ago a man was released from a mental asylum after being confined for 55 years. Conditions can be bad, such as across the strait in Tamil Nadu in 2001 a mental asylum had a fire which would have been an emergency, yet it ended in tragedy because 27 people chained to their beds could not escape. Scientologists make it part of their code to clean up the field of mental health, which is rife with abuse. See
Human Rights and psychiatry (Part 2 of 2): Who speaks for the chained and incarcerated?
for example.


John Daniels

Asian Tribune

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