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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 107

Sri Lanka Navy Crush Sea Tiger Flotilla: 10 Sea Tiger Boats Destroyed, 30 Cadres Killed

Ravin Edirisinghe in Colombo

Colombo, 18 September, ( Sri Lanka Navy’s Special Boats Squadron (SBS) and the Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS) went in to action in the Iranathivu seas (northern waters) today (18) around 11.00 am after successfully confronting a sea tiger fleet. The confrontation lasted till 3.30 pm and the naval special units marked a remarkable victory by destroying seven (07) small sea tiger boats and three (03) LTTE armed craft. RABS Boats cahsing the fleeing Sea TigersRABS Boats cahsing the fleeing Sea Tigers

The returning naval fleet units indicated that at least 25-30 LTTE sea cadres along with some of the leaders have been killed during the confrontation and they further indicated that sea tigers towed about four of their damaged craft.

LTTE communication has revealed that a senior sea tiger cadre named “Kadar” has led the battle and he has repeatedly indicated that his units cannot face the fire power directed from the navy and made repeated requests from the sea tiger hierarchy to withdraw from the battle.

Sri Lanka Navy’s new concept in sea operations came into discussion following the unveiling of the 100th “ARROW” boat recently at a function in Welisara naval base. These boats which are built and specially designed by the Navy for their SBS and RABS proved that they are far superior in both operational and tactical aspects over the sea tigers. Today confrontation has completely taken the sea tigers by surprise due to the presence of large number of naval fleet units and importantly due to the tactics used by both SBS and RABS units.

Navy’s sea operations took a decisive change with the introduction of the RABS concept during the last two years.

Experience gathered through number of confrontations led to the innovation of this unique idea and it has quite rightly proved that better results can be always achieved if correct methods and effective tactics are used. Summary of naval confrontations in the recent years will prove this fact as in year 2006, naval fleet units confronted 21 times with the sea tigers, while in year 2007 the number reduced to 12 and in this year with this incident, only four confrontations have taken place out in the sea. This along shows the superiority of naval fleet units in fighting the sea tigers and also shows that sea tigers are no more in a position to face the navy out at sea and the sea tigers are speedily becoming a diminishing wing.

- Asian Tribune -

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